A Long Weekend: Part 1

We had a long and wonderful weekend with our boys. I couldn't have asked for more. Every now and then I lament our current inability to go on vacation, then I am blessed with a weekend like this. Busy, active, no packing, sleeping in our own bed, why exactly would I want to go away when home is so much fun?!

Dan and I both had Friday off so we have been playing with our little guys since Thursday night. We started off with our first little BBQ of the season. It was cold and windy - and since we have decided to retire our propane grill we cooked on our new little charcoal grill....its all a relearning process I guess....

you can see daddy putting the grill together in the background :)

Friday morning we started the day with a wonderful (albeit not so healthy) breakfast of doughboys (I made the dough Thursday night)

Then it was off for a fun day at the Capron Zoo (if you live in RI/MA/CT area and have never been there I highly recommend it! so much better than Roger Williams - with a great playground too!!)

Checking out the birds...strolling the bridge

Feeding the llama

Then washing his hand

A mommy and Jack shadow

Discussing the animals

Mommy and Jack love our Ring Sling!!!

We packed our lunch, bought some drinks from the gift shop, and headed over to the playground for some playing and some eating. What a great time Jack checked out the swings while Tommy ran like the crazy little monkey that he is.

The playground

So this brings us to noon on Friday...There was still so much more to our weekend after this (including several luxiourous naps for Mommy :) Watch for Part 2 (if you are interested) later on Monday!!)


  1. Great Pictures. We are taking the kids to the Zoo today. Should be fun! How did the BBQ go?

  2. I haven't been to that zoo. I will have to check it out!!

  3. Somehow, I missed this post! Glad I'm caught up now. What a neat day you had! We used to go to the zoo when our boys were little. We lived in Richmond, VA at the time. We loved days at the park/zoo. Looks like y'all do, too!

  4. I have never heard of Capron Zoo! Where is it at?

    I come from Ft. Wayne, Indiana where we have an AWESOME zoo - like, it's just crazy awesome. Roger Williams was a flop to me!

    I loved ALL of the pictures!


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