Musical Monday: Stranger Than Fiction

Musical Monday

I haven't always been this jazzy soulful girl (ok...woman...I guess technically I am too old to be calling myself a "girl" still) that you now know. My music collection is far reaching and, some may say, ecclectic.

Late in highschool...don't quite remember when, my older brother (so wise in his college years and experience...or so I thought) introduced me to Bad Religion, a fantastic, old school, punk band from the West Coast....it was immediately love. I went and bought every tape (yes...at that point I didn't have a CD player) I could, once I moved on and up to CDs each and every single Bad Religion CD that I could find was bought.

The time period that Bad Religion really marks for me, early in my college years. It is the period of my life where my haircut at one point was me infront of the mirror of the little bathroom I shared, with a pair of scissors, cutting off every inch of hair that stuck up above my fingers (my fingers lying against my scalp), about 10 - 12 inches gone. This was the point in my life where I really bulked up on the piercings (I had 17 total). It was an interesting time - and this song sums it up very well looking back on it all.

Bad Religion - {sometimes truth is} Stranger Than Fiction


  1. I have never heard of this group before ! I like so many different types of music!I have everything from Josh Groban to Metallica !! Thank for sharing !

  2. Great song. I love old punk!

  3. thanks for sharing! I love the description of you cutting your own hair. Hope you're having a great MM!

  4. So sorry I'm late this week! My little bro loves Bad Religion!


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