My Little Secret

Meet Tony, our cat. Tony and I are not best buddies, we are hardly friends. For all intents and purposes we merely tolerate each other. I feed him, give him water, let him in and out, but I will be honest we aren't that tight.

But when no one else is home, or when everyone is asleep, you can often find Tony on my lap, or curled up next to me, purring lightly while I dote on him. When I was pregnant and no one could see, he would curl on my belly and purr, and the baby would kick and wiggle in reply (I think they enjoyed it!!).

If you were to ask me, if you saw us together niether Tony nor I would admit that we care, but in secret I love my kitty, and I have no doubt that he loves me too....(although I think he would be quite upset to know I told :)


  1. That's cute. :o) I wish I wasn't allergic to my cat. I always want to pet her and then I regret it immediately as my eyes burn and my chest gets itchy!!

  2. Cats are too funny! They definitely do what they want. And I think it is so weird how pets act differently around you when you're pregnant. My dog follows me everywhere right now and it drives me crazy!

  3. Very cute. Cats are so fickle like that, they truly have minds of their owns.

  4. Sorry...cats are NOT a part of my abundant living! LOL Could be because I'm extremely allergic to them. I can't even go to someone's home who USED to have cats. My throat closes up, my face/eyes swell up, and I can't breathe. Soooo...I keep far, far away from them!


  5. I created a header at scrapblog--at least I thought it was a header but I dont think it gives me the option to save so I can post it as a header on my blog. Do you know what to do? Here is the link: http://www.scrapblog.com/myscrapblog/Myscrapblog.aspx

    Also, I cant send email right now for whatever reason, but I can do internet...you can email me and I can respond on your blog.

    Thanks for your offer to help! : )

  6. You are hysterical!

    We have one cat, Satine - she is long-haired, and prissy.

    I was an absolute freak over cats before I got married and had a baby - and now, I could seriously do without! Granted, I still love her to death, but it is a whole different story when you have a child to pick up after and take care of and then you have another living being to take care of, too!

    We probably won't get another cat or a dog until the boys are older and THEY can have those chores. Mwhaha!



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