Pray for Gavin

Pray for Gavin

I know a lot of my followers here also follow my friend Carla. Please pray for Carla and her son Gavin.

Gavin has been dealing with several chronic diseases (one was only just diagnosed), and due to some recent tests is being brought to the ER right now. Here is her update posted to Facebook

"Gavin's GI just called to tell me that his recent bloodwork results are bad--his counts are all pretty low showing that he is bleeding internally and probably has been for awhile. He toild us to get ready to come now and to plan to stay for awhile. Tonight they will start an IV and tomorrow they will do an emergency endoscopy, and those results will determine the next steps. It is possible that he will need an emergency gastrecotmy and vagotomy. Please pray for us!!!"

Please say a prayer for Gavin. And please stop by her blog and let her know you are praying for them. Gavin is such a sweet cute little guy and is need of some major healing right now!!!


  1. I am praying for him daily...I have been following carla for a while now and Gavin is on the top of my prayer list.

  2. Oh, my...praying for little Gavin and his family right NOW!

    Thanks for sharing this information...

    Love ya,

  3. I hadn't heard of them but I'm going to check them out now. thanks!


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