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Every Thursday my buddy Brooke posts her Random Ramblings for the week....and I love the idea. I played along last week and I am going to play along again today.


I have realized that I have become so obsessed with blogging and taking pictures of just about everything. This realization occured last night when my husband walked in the room while I was photographing my dinner. The fact that he didn't say anything, like taking pictures of a dinner plate is the most normal thing ever, that really drove this point home.....but really I am perfectly ok with that.


I am so excited to go on a date with my hubby tomorrow night. We are going to dinner and then to a bar that our friends just bought to see a band that another friend plays in....I can't wait to get out!! Although I am sure by 10pm I will be ready to be home in my jammies :)


Saturday the boys and I are meeting up with a friend and her two girls for some fun in the sun at the Earth Day festival in Providence. I can't wait to get out and hang out with another Mommy!!! And since her daughters and my sons are destined to be married some day its important that we all see each other often :)


My blogaversary is coming up in a few weeks. I really hope many of you will play truth or dare with me. I already have a couple of dares, but I would really like to see more....I love the idea of going out and doing something fun and silly....and completely embarrassing my husband, who will be my unwilling photographer. Please help me embarass my hubby!!

Truth or Dare


It has taken me two weeks to get some of my blog redesigned and I'm still not done....I wonder if I will ever have the time to sit and finish it?


I often wonder what makes people follow my blog, what makes me follow others as well?  Why do I feel sad or offended when I loose followers?  I started this blog as a way to record my life as a mom of boys, but it has definitely grown....this then makes me wonder how many of you have also started your blog for the same reason....how has it changed?  How have you changed?


So Brooke...I went forth....I rambled....now friends....ramble with us, its fun!!


  1. I noticed the little monkeys right off- very cute!

    have fun on your date!

  2. All the pictures I take I always get the same question..."is that going on your blog?" and if the kids do something embarrassing they will say...please don't put that on your blog. LOL Too funny.
    Enjoy your date night. Wish I could have one with my hubby.

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  4. Let's try again.....

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one rambling :)

    I am sadly very obsessed with blogging now too. My husband can have an entire conversation with me, and then I feel awful when I turn to him and say "Sorry, I missed that, what were you saying?"

    Hope your date night was fun! I know that I always get excited to go out with friends, but come 10 p.m. I am fighting to stay awake. It's funny too that I can stay up all night on the internet, but put me in a fun bar setting, and I'm exhausted!

    We are going to an Earth Day fesitval on Saturday as well! Have fun.

    Oh, and I started my blog as a way to document life after having a baby. And then once we moved cross country, it was important for me to keep my family updated. I seem to follow people based on a few different things: First, if I feel like we naturally "click", I will follow. I will follow people who have a way with words. I will follow people who have fun, witty descriptions about themselves. I will follow people who I feel we have lots in common (especially if we have kids the same age). I also follow people who leave me lots of comment love, you know, to reciprocate that love.

    Have a great weekend!


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