I am simplifying life...here there and everywhere.

If you were to walk into my house right now you would see the mess of organization. Us trying to rid our lives of the excesses and simplify our posessions....how much do we really need.

I have decided to simplify my blog life as well. I have tossed out my Working Mom blog. While I was getting paid to write it, I did not like sacrificing my work to someone else (they retain ownership of what I post there). It was feeling too much like a poorly paying job opposed to a fun blog for me, which was my original intent. I am also going to be pulling my 101 journal and my photo blog into this one. While I like having these separate spaces, it has become too much, and so often I have crossover between this blog and those, and I never know where to go with them.

I love being busy (can you tell). I love having things to do and places to put them...but this has gotten out of control. It has been fun having so many...but now I realize it is too much!! I imported all my other blogs last night...which is why some new posts have shown up here, like my recipe for Chicken Crostada...which I highly recommend (and partially stole from Live.Love.Eat!!).


We had another busy fun filled weekend (is there any other kind?) I am dying to share pictures, but we are still at my MIL's house and while I may have found myself some PJs here I do not have a cable for my camera and my pictures are unhappily trapped in there until I get home. Stay tuned for some weekend updating tomorrow!!
Also be ready to see a post tomorrow about the NE Bloggers May Day Giveaway!! I am excited for this one - there will be about 13 bloggers from the NE area hosting giveaways on their blogs.

Thoughts of an Evil Overlord


I've actually been working on my quilt this past week. I will update on that as well...as soon as I have time...I don't know though....will I ever have time?
I hope you all have had a glorious weekend as well....oh and don't worry....I will fill you in on the date ending with my car being towed and my husband suffering from (suspected) food poisoning....
(how do you end a date?)


  1. Oh my...that sounds like a crazy date. Yikes.
    Can't wait to see that quilt too! I totally hear you on simplifying.

  2. This story gets more and more interesting. Sounds like your dates are more of an adventure! Food poisoning??? :p Hope your hubby is feeling better!

  3. Hope hubby is feeling better soon! FP is no fun at all...glad you are simplifying and I must say I LOVE the new look, if I have not said it yet :)

  4. I had wanted to separate my 101 from my blog at first, but I didn't for that exact reason. I barely have the time to keep up with the one and my 101 is about me anyway so I figured it would fit in just fine. :o) Didn't you just love the weather this weekend? I am so not wanting to be at work today. If you are working from home gimme a call at work (or email) maybe we can do lunch. I would love to get out of this building!!

  5. I hear you on wanting to keep busy. I load myself with so much sometimes that it becomes way too stressful. I need to work on simplifying too! And I hope your husband is feeling better!

  6. I feel pulled between my 101 blog and my main blog, but haven't had the drive to combine them yet.


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