Weekend Update

So we definitely were not as ambitious this weekend as we were last.

My weekend started by me racing home Friday night so that my darling hubby could head out to the season opener for the Pawtucket Red Sox (Boston's AAA team). Of course tired mommy fell asleep on the couch after he left, and the boys managed to trash the place!! Bedtime couldn't come soon enough...I tucked them in, said "goodnight" and made my way down to the office. All was quiet, so, foolishly I thought all was well. Then my Mommy-sense kicked in and I decided to go check on my sweet little angels. I started up the stairs when I saw him. Sweet Tommy, so good, so innocent, so covered head-to-toe in thick as playdough fun foamy soap. Smiling sweetly at me he said nothing.....so of course I told him to stay put (in the bathroom) and got my camera....and my phone....hubby was going to get a picture to see what he was missing out on....

Tommy was so proud

He kept showing me his hands

This of course meant an impromptu shower for Tommy and I....have you ever showered with a 2 year old....we don't have a choice here, but I can tell you it isn't fun. Foamy soap to distract them would make it easier....unfortunately we have run out of it!!

Saturday we had a 10am appointment to get the boys pictures taken and then headed off to my MIL's for some fun and to work on our cars. The cars never happened but we did have a good time, saw some sweet friends, and Dan and I were fortunate enough to be able to take a nice long walk while Tommy slept and Jack played with his grandparents. (we collected tons of pictures for the photo hunt -see my photo blog-)

Sunday was a stay at home work on the house/yard day. A nice family day. I am actually a little sore now from all the yard work and playing....so off to bed I go...

Oh...and because it just wouldn't be me if I wasn't redundant....go here to play truth or dare with me for my blogaversary, it will be fun, you can laugh at me, and by playing along you will increase your chances to win a prize!!

What? Doesn't your toddler drink out of the jug too?!


  1. Too Funny! Yes my baby has gotten in the shower with me too! Not GOOD --LOL!

    Love the pictures. TFS

  2. TOOOO FUNNY! I LOVE the pics. Oh, if I only had TIME to tell all of the things our Zach got into when HE was a baby! (The other two boys were just boys.. I mean, they got into stuff, but never anything major. ZACH, on the other hand.. kept us on our toes) ☺

    Oh, happy Blogaversary! ☺

  3. Great photos!!! What a busy weekend!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  4. Oh, my...what fun! And what a mess! LOL Bathroom antics are ALWAYS messy, though, regardless of what it involves. :o)

  5. I seriously love you and the boys. I think Cade, Tommy and Jack (hey, and Jack #2!) would have a blast together. We need to arrange a playdate!

  6. Looks like someone had a good time! :)

  7. Can't wait to see your pictures! We took Natey to Big Truck Day at the Y in Smithfield. It was fun, yet brief, as they started it at 12. :o)

  8. Looks like a fun, but exhausting weekend!

  9. Great pictures. The hands covered if foam is a crack up! I also love your monkey buttons, they are so darn cute. I'll have to think of something fun for your truth or dare!

  10. LOL!! The foam soap is SO funny. hehe. Boys are silly. :)

    I'm glad you got to enjoy some nice weather!

  11. What great photos. At least the soap was clean fun!


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