In Preparation of Week 2

I am reminding myself how sweet and beautiful my little boys are...before they drive me insane once again. I just pray that we don't have another 4 weekdays of rain and yuck again, it could make a mommy crazy!! (actually I think it did!!)

I survived last week - it was exhausting but wonderful. I did slip away for a brandy-new haircut on Thursday (my wonderful cousin-in-law Kristy also surprised me with a little eyebrow and lip waxing - wait...did I just admit that?!). And my Mom did treat the boys and I to a little fabric shopping (Thanks Mom!!).

please ignore Tommy's hand placement!!

I have learned the fine art of creative gate placement and couch napping while two toddlers play - I am proud of that!!! I have also learned the fine are of letting them sleep where they lie and getting the dishes done!!

The week ended beautiful, with a lovely night out with Felicia at the Melting Pot (yummy melted cheese followed up with yummy melted chocolate...life is good!!)

We had a great weekend, which included an outdoor wedding at my uncle's house and a lot of play time for the family.


What better way to hit on the ladies
Than to show them some worms?!

Don't even pretend that you look this cute
When you boogie your butt off!!

A good b
ig brother always
helps put the straw in the juice box

When Jack says he is ready to leave
He is ready to leave

nothing needs to be said

Jack saying hello
To our crazy family


So now here I am headed into week 2 of my SAHM-dom....I love it so far!! Now if someone could just tell me what I should feed them for lunch because I am just not sure on that one!! (seriously, any suggestions would be fantastic!!)


  1. Looks like Round 1 went great! Though I only have one 3-year-old and I would never trust him enough to nap unless he is also asleep right next to me! When it gets quiet, you know you better check on them! ;)

    Great haircut!

    And I love Tommy's blue stripey shirt... it's my new favorite on Itty Bit! :)

  2. I love the hair! I forgot to check out your vlog post so I'm glad you posted a pic. I can't watch it at work so I wanted to remind myself to look at home but spaced. I blame mommy brain....

  3. I love the new hair. It is so cute for real! Did you get it colored to or does it just look darker now that it is shorter? Hmmm
    Cute pictures of the boys at the wedding. Looked like fun.
    Enjoy being at home...it is fun! for the most part:)


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