Makes it all worth it....

Its been one of those days... 

Just when you question your decision to become a parent, someone loud and momentarily naughty, silently and sweetly falls fast asleep on your lap and you think this is what makes parenting worth it....

But no....you realize.   
This is not the moment that makes parenting a blessing, of course you will love them while they lie angelically on your lap, lightly snoring and completely dreaming; 

What makes it all worth it is getting to this moment, 

A long day, no naps, some yelling and fighting, and still as the sun is fading you can find joy.  

Not a thought to the exhaustion, the tears almost forgotten, 

You have weathered todays little tornados and are still happy to be a parent of two spirited little boys....


Thank you all for your wonderful blogoversary wishes....
Yes I still owe you all a picture or two (I promise they are coming)
But it is now 6:30 - my boys are in bed - 
And I have a lovely ear of corn to eat, 
And the wonderful company of my husband to enjoy.

I hope you are all as blessed tonight as I am!!


  1. Sleeping baby's to sweet! TFS and enjoy your night!

  2. I loved this post! so true and sweet. And 630 bedtimes!?! NICE!

  3. I do feel so blessed...thank you.
    Great sleeping pictures, they are so angelic! Just precious! Enjoy your corn & the company too.

  4. I should add that 6:30 is far from normal, and we were rewarded for such an early bedtime with a late night viewing of our favorite Veggie Tales Movie (Jonah).

  5. Just recharging their little batteries! :)

  6. Awwww, too sweet!

    But how on EARTH did you get them to bed by 6:30?! Wow! You're a SUPERMOM!!! =0)


  7. Thanks for visiting my post twice today. I will totally touch on hats one Friday! I love my hats!

  8. My goodness a 6:30 bedtime, I look forward to that. If we let our little one sleep past 6:30 we are up until 1 am or later, yuck.


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