My Lists

Happy List

  1. Hubby brought me a cup of coffee while I was lying in bed this morning reading emails
  2. I no longer have to stress over a job I hate
  3. My husband carries the health insurance so we don't have to worry about that
  4. We can make plans and do things after work on the weekdays as I will no longer be stuck in Boston traffic
  5. I will have some wonderful quality time with my babies
  6. The fabric I have collected can finally be tapped into
  7. I get to drive my beloved Trailblazer again!! YAY!!
  8. My office/sewing space will no longer be overrun by my work junk
  9. I have so much support from friends and family I know we can make it through this

Not So Happy List
  1. Financially I am terrified
  2. Losing respect for someone you considered a friend is hard
  3. I wasted a night away from my babies for a job I no longer have
  4. The boys will be pulled from a daycare that we love and has done so much for us
  5. I don't know how good I will be at being a SAHM
  6. I don't know how long it will take me to find work again

To Do List
  1. Pack up all my (former) work junk
  2. clean house (ha)
  3. put away laundry (ha ha ha)
  4. relax
  5. watch a million episodes of CSI and CSI:NY
  6. sew sew sew

Wish List
  1. Nikon dSLR - don't know which one yet...
  2. Ironing board (yup, I don't actually have one)
  3. Waffle Iron
  4. New hairstyle
  5. Yards and yards of new fabric
  6. A new career, a new path...


  1. Found you via MckMama...I am sending prayers to you and your family. That you find a job quickly, one that is better than the last, one that you look forward to going to each day, and one that allows you the time and flexibility (all moms deserve)to spend with your family.

  2. I think you'll do great as a SAHM!! Do enjoy the time off for the next couple of weeks though. It will be like a mini vaca!

  3. i love your happy list! focus on that. And you'll be a GREAT SAHM! This might be a blessing in disguise? good luck girl :)

  4. oh and my pep talk... money is just money... not important. Family and your boys are all you need. Hope that helps

  5. Hey Liz,

    Just got caught up over here. Praying for you and your family. I didn't think I would make a good SAHM mom either. Now I wouldn't change it. We struggle, but it is worth it. I will be praying for the right direction for you and your family. You are so talented I am sure whatever you end up doing will be wonderful.

    By the way, so impressed your hubby brought you a cup of coffee in bed. Man I would love that...

  6. Ok, so Im finding out about 4 people today who lost their jobs. I love that you have such a great attitude about this. You will bounce back, be a great SAHM in the meantime...or maybe just ETSY and that will be enough???

  7. You will do great as a SAHM! Hope everything works out the way you want. TFS

  8. Well I have full faith that there is a reason for everything. I know this is a scary time for you and I am going to pray for you. I think you are being really wise to make the list..that way you can really keep track of the good, the bad and a wish list. List are always great.

    Umm...since you brought up sewing..I would love a cute bag...Oh yes I said that..lol.

  9. Ok first of all...turn that frown upside down. Your boys will adjust as you will too. Life is just one big learning process and no one knows for sure what will happen. Hang in there...love and prayers coming your way! Enjoy your sweet boys!

  10. I just saw the last couple of posts. Keep your chin up, these things have a way of working themselves out. I love your positive attitude, I think you'll be a great SAHM. Plus I can't wait to see all of the cute things you're going to sew.

    Your wish list sounds a lot like mine, except for the ironing board, although I've never used ours if that counts...

  11. I thing you will be an awesome SAHM!!! You are so loving, so creative, so talented. Cherish those days at home. Those boys will grow up so quickly...I have worked part-time for years. It hasn't always been easy financially, but God has always provided. I worked from home the first few years, then would go into the office at night when hubby got home from work. Later, when I began working at the church, the boys were in school. I work half a day. That way, I've always been home when they would come home from school. During the summer they came to the church with me and would play in the nursery while I worked. It was perfect!

    I'm praying you will find a very flexible job that will enable you to be with your family!

    Regarding your wish list....check some yard sales! You'd be surprised how many great, like-new items you will find! I bet you could find the ironing board and waffle iron, and maybe even some fabric!

    Love to you and your guys,

  12. I stopped in to say hello.. I ESPECIALLY want to ENCOURAGE you as you begin your new job. (The MOST IMPORTANT job you will EVER have - that of being a SAHM)

    Sweet Sister, rest your fears.. GOD WILL take care of you! You're in a place that HE wants you to be and you can NEVER go wrong by investing time in your children. You're a GREAT mom who LOVES her boys and they will most certainly reap the benefits of having YOU around! ;-) Enjoy your time at home and don't let anyone make you feel guilty for being where you are. (I'm sure your hubby will enjoy the new environment that will come about by having his lovely wife at home)

    Okay.. I suppose that's enough rambling.. I'll be praying that GOD will MIRACULOUSLY PROVIDE for your sweet family!

    ♥ YOU

  13. You will be a great SAHM. You will wonder at the end of the day where all the time has gone and feel like you didn't get much crossed off your to-do list, but you got to spend the say with some pretty special guys :)

  14. I'm telling you, you will never ever regret it. I wish you all the best!

  15. I'm glad to see that your Happy list is longer than your Not So Happy list. :)

  16. Ugh! Unexpected change is never fun. That said, God will provide and take care of you all. I've found the unexpected things no matter how painful at first have always been the ones that bring the most joy later down the road. I pray you feel the same very soon.


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