Not Because I'm Here

I must admit I enjoyed my respite from the weekly Not Me fun....although I wish the hiatus was for other reasons. Go say hello to MckMama (if you haven't already) and say hello to this Mama who was just hanging out around my stomping grounds, although I wish it was for other reasons.

I am diverging from the usual confessions of my recent past, instead I am confessing the present....

I am not posting this simply because I am here. Here is not a hotel in Boston, in a lonely room on the nth floor. Here is not the result of a meeting I don't want to go to, and traffic so questionable that I could not garuntee I could get here in the morning on time....I don't have to spend the night in this hotel because of traffic.

I am not once again thinking about my posts about disappointment and the balance of money and happiness....I am not thinking about the truth someone asked me for my blogaversary game of truth or dare....it is not what is something I regret.

I am not missing my boys, even though its only been an hour, missing my bed, even though I would still be up sewing right now if I was home, missing my husband, even though he would already be snoring the night away while I sewed. I am not thinking about my sweet husband, alone in our bed tonight, I am not wondering if the cat is keeping him company sleeping, drooling, and shedding on my pillow. (and we all know how I feel about my cat....)

I am not posting just because I am here and want a distraction....nope...not me....I am posting because I want to.....not because I am trying not to think of all the things I really want to be doing right now.

oh...and I did not totally rock out to House of Pain on my drive up here and bop around in my car like I was a rock star :) that would just be embarassing!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday, and are exactly where you want to be right now.


  1. Awww, have a good nights sleep. Don't be sad.

  2. Thinking of you and sending you sweet happy thoughts.

  3. Hope that your days go better than your night is!!! Great post tho...=)

  4. Hope your Monday is great, your meeting is swell. and you cheer up just a little :) Think happy thoughts this Monday morning!

  5. Oh, I hope you are doing better now! It is hard to be away.

  6. Awww...I know you're missing your family! It stinks to have to be away. Hang in there...you'll be back home to your family very soon.

    Hoping today is a great day for you!

  7. So much true emotion in a Not Me post! I am sorry that you are struggling so much. I hope your time away goes quickly and that you can enjoy your day by appreciating the little blessings.

  8. I always like to read these from you


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