Tag I'm It!!

My lovely friend over at Tiara's & Tantrums tagged me with this fun meme

8 ThiNGs Meme

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
1) Getting a new job
2) Losing 10
3) Mother's Day (I'll be getting a day off)
4) Getting a pedicure
5) Designing a couple new bags and getting them made
6) Planning Tommy's 3rd Birthday (HOLY CRAP!!)
7) Nora and Dan visiting from Texas
8) The playroom (finally) being finished (eventually!!)

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1) Stayed up way too late sewing (I was so excited about the newest bag I couldn't stop)
2) Stood in line way to long at CVS waiting for Jack's prescription
3) Resolved a very difficult issue on customer equipment for a very wonderful customer
4) Once again missed lunch due to crazy demands of my job
5) Drove over 200 miles (typical day for this working mom)
6) Enjoyed a sub from subway for dinner
7) Picked a winner for my May Day Giveaway
8) Snuggled my sweet sick little baby boy for a little bit, even though he was sleeping

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1) Be home with my boys more
2) Get a new job so that #1 was a possibility
3) Be a cleaner/neater/more organized person
4) Get our finances under control
5) Be less judgemental
6) Go on vacation with my family
7) Start selling the bags that I love making (need a reason to keep making them)
8) Keep on top of my Google Reader and comment more on all my friends sites

8 Shows I Watch on TV (or hulu.com for me)
1) Family Guy
2) CSI
3)American Dad
4) CSI: NY
5) Jon & Kate Plus 8 (when I catch it)
6) The Hills (ok...so that's a little embarassing to admit)
7) Project Runway/Top Chef when they are on
8) Real Housewive of NY (I can't stand OC)

8 People I Tag
1) Kameron

2) Tara

4) Beth E.

7) Brooke

If you want to grab this . . . please do!


  1. Me too on the losing 10 & pedicure. I think I will get the pedicure on Tuesday..the losing 10 will have to come much later:)

  2. Hey Thanks for tagging me I just did this one you can see it here.



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  4. I am SO addicted to The Real Housewives...I just can't stop watching! Going to work on my post now!

  5. I love this meme! Just did it!! :)

    Hope you had a great weekend!!

  6. welcome to the sisterhood! :)

    the hubs and i are a "family guy" family. but we never catch it on its normal time - just nightly in sendication.


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