Toting around a winner!!

So its finally here....the moment you have all been anxiously awaiting.....the grand announcement....the winner of my little tote-y creation.....



of Dinkypops no More!!! I will be contacting you with you fabric options and for your address and all that good stuff!!

Now please don't be too sad my dear friends
, if you did not win....I am working hard to get many bags made and posted to my Etsy shop. They will be available in multiple sizes, some with matching cosmetic bags as well.....


if I didn't mention it already in a few weeks I will be hitting my 1 year blogaversary....I will have several giveaways, a lot of fun, and a bunch of pictures of me being a dingbat...and as with this giveaway...play truth or dare with me for extra entries for any giveaway.

Thanks for all the entries!!!


  1. Wohoo!!! What a great way for me to end the week! I'm so excited, and once I have it in my hands, you can be sure I will post pictures of me sporting it around. Thanks Liz for an awesome, awesome giveaway!!

  2. I so wanted that bag. Oh well, Brooke is nice too...congrats to her:)

  3. awww darn. And congrats, Brooke! ;)

  4. Dude...I am sooo insanely jealous that Brooke won that bag...Congrats to her...I will just keep using my cheapo target bag!!! LOL


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