Wait....What Was I Going to Say?

All day today I had ideas floating through my head. What I wanted to post tonight...what I wanted to share. Here I sit, boys in bed, hubby showering, and my mind is blank. So I guess when all else fails post some pictures and see what happens.


My parents cut down a tree last year,
we needed to cut it up so we can take it home to burn next year.
Summer is here and we have started to prepare for winter...

It is important to me to know how to do things like this.
I want to be able to support my boys in every way possible,
so hubby showed me how to handle the chainsaw and I am very proud of myself!!
Oh...and I am not embarrassed to admit I LOVED it!!


I am also incredibly proud of Tommy
Not because he snoozed while I sawed

But because he went skating for the first time.
And he loved it....and did wonderful!!!

We are so proud of our future NHL pro
And the itty bitty skates are so stinkin' cute!!!


We enjoyed yummy yummy strawberries!!!
Jack stole as many as he could!!
(I am actually fine with that - they can eat as much fruit and veggies as they want, whenever they want!!)
Maybe I will do a food post of my own one of these days


We've discovered that horseshoe crabs mate in mid-May....who knew

{although I guess if there are any marine biologists reading this you probably knew...we didn't}

Of course we photographed the event!!

Oh and have you noticed that Jack walks now

He doesn't just walk actually

He runs

And climbs

And tries to do everything his big brother does

Although we don't let him skate yet!!

Ok...that's enough
The boys are in bed
The hubby's in bed
Maybe I should go too...


  1. Girl I would have scared to death to use a chainsaw. I didn't know about the horseshoe crabs either..lol. Great pictures!

  2. Great shots from your weekend. I have been slacking with the camera! Jack is getting so big. Even his facial features are getting less baby and more boy. So cute! :o)

  3. Your boys are adorable! The pictures are all great! What kind of camera do you use? Horseshoe crabs creep me out! Strawberries, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

  4. Forgot what you were supposed to say? Old age.


    Twitter: AboutParenting
    Photo ideas? 100 Portrait Ideas

  5. Such sweet photos of the boys...they are growing so fast!

    And, look at YOU with that chain saw! It does look like fun, I'll have to admit...but I'd be way to dangerous with one in my hands...that would be one NOT ME post I WOULDN'T want to post! LOL

  6. Cute pictures and I love the running one of Jack. So fun!
    Great job with the chain saw. Are you sore at all?

  7. Jack is getting so big!!!!

    WTG you for bein a lumberjack. :-)

  8. I admire you for taking that on!!!!!


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