We Heart Art

Three Bay B Chicks , Domestically Challenged, and I’m Living Proof that God Has a Sense of Humor are spending this week celebrating the art of artsiness (yes...it's a word....or at least now it is), and they have invited us all to play along with them (wheeeee.....).

I thought this would be a wonderful excuse to show off display the fruits of my labor. My mother's day gift from my husband and our parents was a lovely day to do what ever I want....actually I had almost the entire weekend to just create and craft.

I've made myself a couple of headbands....I will be making tons more no doubt.

And of course more tote bags.

A reusable shopping bag

Plastic bag holder/dispenser

I hope you enjoyed my art....Now you definitely need to go check out the lovely ladies hosting this fun carnival and celebration of art and see what else has been created!!

And don't forget...my blogiversary party starts this Friday (tomorrow)....


  1. Great work. I love all your bags.

  2. I love your tote bags, those are adorable! Did you make all of those this weekend? You've been busy!

  3. So... I'm still waiting for all those cute totes to show up in your Etsy shop :) Or for another giveaway ;) hint hint. Those turned out awesome!

  4. My favorites are the head bands and reusable shopping bag. You are so talented!

    It is Food Allergy Awareness Week. Read my latest allergy post: Thursday Thanks Tank: Allergy Thankfulness

  5. Ooooh! Nice!! Both your goods and the factthat you got some time to create them!

    All set for tomorrow! :-)


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