Blogger's Block

Have you ever felt the urge to blog....the need to....the desire to, but when you opened your blog, when you hit "Create" or "New Post", fingers poised, at the ready, hovering over the keyboard - you had nothing. No profound thoughts or amazing events. Still you blog anyway, and you write a post, about how you have nothing to write - or maybe a post about nothing, and you hope no one notices that really...you have nothing to write.

I'm having one of those nights...although I feel like something must have happened in these last few days. We've been busy, I've been busy, my laundry pile and lack of groceries will attest to that....oh well...as I have nothing to say I will simply share....

enjoying a marshmallow

Cinamon raisin bagels

now this one is climbing...I'm doomed!!!
and yes he went on the couch then OVER the gate

yummy yummy falafels - will definitely make these again

our toady friend

This is Darwin at Biomes in, Tommy fell in love with him

Have you noticed that as your kids get older its harder to get a good picture of them? Tommy is at the point where he is just too busy to stop and say "cheese". I am actually amazed by his energy - wherever we go, from the time we get there until we leave he is in action or involved. While at Biomes (a really cool marine bio center near us) he sat during the presentation (it was pretty cool) but once it was time to move he was on the go...

The urge now satisfied...my blog attended to...I will say goodnight, until, that is, I once again have nothing to say...


  1. I have those like every other day. That is why I do so many memes. Just makes my life easier and less that I have to think of. :) I know lame. I agree as they get older it is harder for them to stop for pictures. I never get a good one of Stunt man any more. side profiles at best.

  2. I have those feelings often. That's why I will post every day and then there will be a 4 day lul in the action. Oh well, I just post when it comes to me! Jack looks like such a boy in that first pic rather than a baby!! I'm starting my serious sewing mission in 20 minutes! Wish me luck.

  3. Wow! Your youngest son really is a climber. For his height getting over the couch/gate and onto that table is quite impressive. Looks like you got a little escape artist :)

  4. Hey - yk, we all have adays. Just..yk.. DAYS. Your comment has stuck with me all day today and I've been thinking of you and of what I want to say but I have no words. I hate platitudes and I don't do placating very well. SO, yk, days end, and stuff.


  5. i hear you on this one - (thinking of something funny to say)

    how does one make falafels


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