A Couple Requests, and a Giveaway


So I have a couple requests...need a little help from my friends....and to sweeten the deal I am going to give a little gift to one, maybe two of you :)


Request #1 - I need help feeding my children :) I am trying to find some nutritious snack/lunch ideas. Tommy would eat pancakes, bananas, grapes, and strawberries if no one made him eat anything else - other than carrots he won't touch veggies. Jack is still pretty open to trying new things....I need help!! What are some nutritious snacks that are succesful in your home. I am really looking for a couple things that can be made the night before and/or travel really well.

{Thank you Michelle for the lovely idea of adding shredded zucchinni to the pancakes}


Request #2 - I need some naming help....I have set up an Etsy shop for all the kids/baby stuff I like to make (its pretty empty right now I know but I am focussing on the upcoming festival right now). I am very happy with this shop and with its potential, the problem is I don't think it is the right name/shop to sell my bags (and some other accessories) in.

I would like to add tags to my bags when I sell them, I don't think "Peanut Babies" really works. I would love your thoughts, suggestions, ideas, names. Please help!!!


The Giveaway - to thank you for your help I am going to give a bag away to one or two of the best suggestions I get (for either request). The winner(s) will have the opportunity to select a bag from my current stock (which I am currently working on growing significantly). I am leaving this open for a week or so....

So basically if you want to win a bag (there will be a couple designs/styles/colors to chose from) help me out and leave me a suggestion to one of my requests - leave as many as you would like!!

UPDATE: I have picked a name from one suggestion left (thanks Kameron). I have decided that I will pick a winner from one of the snack suggestions left....the twist...I will leave this open until July 19th - and you can comment as many times as you would like, as long as each comment has an idea for a *healthy* snack (ie...no doritos....love em, but they ain't healthy!!)


Alright, I really should be sewing....have a lovely Thursday and enjoy some pics from the last day or two SOOC

the boys wrestling

black construction paper taped to the fridge is a wonderful chalkboard

Tommy - the next Tom Jones


  1. Butternut Squash cupcakes! One of the best ways EVER to hide veggies in a treat!
    Here is a recipe http://www.bakespace.com/recipes/detail/Butternut-Squash-Cupcakes/29859/

    Also, try mixing yogurt (a low sugar variety) with fruit in a blender and then freeze it into fun shapes for frozen yogurt pops! They don't travel as well as a cupcake, but they are yummy and kids LOVE them! (Oh, and you probably will love them, too! LOL!)

  2. I have no suggestions. I am so sorry. What a worthless comment this is. But I hope that others leave you lots because apparently I could use some help in that department too. :)
    I guess I will just have to buy a bag for myself instead of win one:)

  3. Love the chalk idea, so cute.

    My kids would not ear for a long time. They are starting to do a lot better. It has just been really me offering the same stuff over and over until they liked it. We also started the one bite rule. They had to try one bite of everything, half the times they really liked something they would not try before.

    Also this is a fun book with great ideas.


  4. Not sure if the link worked, but it is Deceptively Delicious. You can check it out at amazon.com

  5. Heather has been having great success with that deceptively delicious cookbook. She is hiding all kinds of veggies in muffins and goodies that her boys eat right up.

    I like the name "In the bag" or "It's in the Bag" for a purse shop. I know, not super creative but I think it's cute.

  6. The biggest thing for snacks around here is slicing cucumbers, then cutting them into wedges, and giving that to Alex with Meza Hummus. (Its the only hummus I've found that tastes really yummy, and is mspi friendly, we buy ours at costco). Otherwise Alex just loves tomatoes lol.


  7. I am so not good at stuff like this! Cade loves his fruit but is in a very picky eating stage. (Hotdogs, chicken nuggets, and homemade mac and cheese. That's it. Seriously.)

    As far as snacks - you can make your own granola bars! I will send you the recipe.

  8. My daughter is a super picky eater and I feel like some days she is on a hunger strike! Some things we have found that she will eat are:
    * string cheese or cubed cheese
    * watermelon chunks
    * Gogurt is great for on the go
    * Nutrigrain bars
    * 100% fruit snacks & Yogos
    * Sugar free pudding cups
    * Black beans, corn, olives, chopped tomatoes
    * Cereal without lots of sugar :-)
    * real fruit roll-ups
    * Chocolate banana smoothies (found in the produce section. It's a mix and you just add milk, ice, and a banana)
    * sugar free jello cups
    * flavored milk (sometimes it's the only way to get her to drink it!)
    * pretzels

    Hopefully that helps a little! I know how stressful it is to find things your little one will eat. Good luck to you!

  9. Love the pic on the stage, adorable!

    Yeah, you can mix in pureed veggies (or buy baby food if you don't want to take the time to puree) into just about everything you're making for kids. Even brownies! They'll never know.
    Some kids like frozen veggies. I know, sounds weird, but feels good on their gums. Like frozen peas. Or you can try drizzling cheese over the veggies.

  10. Hey Liz! Sorry I have no snack suggestions, my Kassie eats anything that doesn't eat her first!! As for the bags...how about:
    From the Bags of Babes
    Baggily Ever After
    And Then There Were Bags

    HTH! Good luck!

  11. "Bag It"

    As for the food thing, what about veggie burgers? We are trying those with Delia right now because she has been on veggie strike lately.

  12. Sorry I haven't been around...I've taken several days off from blogging...I needed a break.

    My boys were horrible eaters when they were younger, but especially my oldest boy. So, I became the queen of vegetable hiding. I did just like Yaya suggested...I pureed veggies and hid them in soups, casseroles, meatloaf, etc. I still buy low-sodium V8 and put it in my tomato soup. It gives it a great flavor!

    Have you tried hummus for snacks? Sometimes kids will eat raw veggies if they can dip them in something. Hummus is great!

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Ok no name ideas until I can see your shop, you should put a link up.

    2. I have a picky picky eater, I do dried fruit, granola bars (high fiber kind) I have that recipe book from seinfields wife on how to sneak veggies in... mine 21mo old wont EVEN touch carrots...

    She does like squash.. and STring cheese sticks...

    Man I should be doing multiple comments.

    Anyway I have a giveaway on my BUZZ blog come enter it ends on Monday!!!

    The Buzz,

    p.s. I would love to sponsor a giveaway from your Etsy shop and get you more traffic. I haven't seen your bags but what woman has TOO many bags... BLAH

  14. Snack Ideas:
    *trail mix
    *cut fruit into shapes
    *granola bars
    *rice cakes (flavored ones)

    Shop names:
    *Bags a plenty
    *Bananas for Bags

    Ok well thats all I got! Maybe not much help but got my brain going this morning! Love your blog!!

  15. I have a picky eater too!! But she will eat pumpkin muffins (sorry, don't have a link to the recipe!), 100% fruit and veggie bars, applesauce, and hidding veggies in spaghetti sauce.

    I love the name It's in the bag - what a great suggestion!

  16. So, did they like the zucs in the pancakes? You can also put pumpkin in pancakes, but they do change the taste a bit.

  17. I also used to make snack skewers. Use a pretzel stick as a skewer and put meat, cheese, fruit, etc. on it. If you put fruit on it, though, the boys need to eat them right after you make them. Otherwise they get soggy. I used to let my boys make them themselves. I'd give them a plate with cubed food on it and they had a blast "stabbing" the food with the pretzel! LOL

  18. We love "ant trails." A piece of celery filled with peanut butter and then a few raisins on top of the peanut butter. My kids love it!

    My kids also like hummus with carrots or celery.

    The bags are adorable and the name is perfect! : )

  19. My kids would eat crap all day every day if I let them. Grapes, carrots, hummus with tortilla chips, bagels cut into bites, apples and pb, celery and pb, apple chips, oranges, mandarin oranges, pears, peaches, bananas. One thing that Corban digs is if I still different things in a muffin tin...makes it cooler, I guess. I got the idea from a blog carnival called muffin tin monday. *shrug*

  20. Love your new shop name! Totally cute and fitting!

    Snacks? We like to freeze grapes - they travel great! My mom used to have a dehydrator and would get fresh fruit at road stands and make dried apples, dried apricots, dried strawberries, etc.

    I suck at good snack ideas... cuz I have a picky eater on my hands too!

    Oh well, will just have to BUY one of your purses once you list them :) Cuz you do great work and I know that for a fact (though my picture post is sadly very late)

  21. The muffin tin is a great idea... kids love to have choices! You can try cranraisins for a twist on regular raisins... or even dried cherries for something that travels well...

  22. What about making your own little jello cups with fruit? If the kids like orange sugarfree jello - stick some diced pears or peaches in it..?

  23. Doesn't travel well, but apple slices with peanutbutter is a hit around here...

  24. A lowfat snack we used to make is mini tortillas, neufchatel cheese (lowfat cream cheese), and a bit of jam... warmed slightly and rolled up. YUM!

  25. We've also been freezing fresh juice... sure helps to have family that makes their own apple and grape juice! Popsicles are always a fun treat!

  26. And when you're willing to clean up the mess... a twist on the peanutbutter and celery: use neufchatel (low fat cream cheese) and add some food dye to make whatever color you want. Fill it in and sprinkle with raisins.

    Yeah... it's fun to play with your food :)

    Can you tell I would LOVE to win a bag???


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