Fright of My Life!!!

3 years shorter...My life span that is....I don't think I have ever been so scared in my life!!

Tommy and Jack share a bedroom on the second floor of our house. They have 5 windows in their room - basically the only wall without a window is the wall the door is on (Our house has 27+ windows....every room has many windows!!

Recently we realized that Tommy can not only open the windows but can open the locked windows and knows how to work the safety stop (can you see where this is going?!)

I was sitting in the sewing room/office tonight - Dan was watching TV in the living room. Suddenly we heard some banging (not unusual) and then a very very loud and unusual thud. It took Dan and I a second to realize that neither of us made the noise...I don't think we have run up those stairs so fast - our fears confirmed, Tommy had opened the window above Jack's crib and climbed out. Fortunately the window leads onto the roof over the deck. Dan jumped through the window and was able to quickly grab him - Tommy had inched towards the inner corner of the house and had pressed his little body against the wall, terrified - {It is very cold right now for June and raining out}.

You could see the shock and fear in Tommy's face - he was a little damp, but completely unharmed...Thank God!!

Tomorrow we go shopping for window guards of some sort.

Update: Thank you for your suggestion Virginia, unfortunately those are windows we need to be able to open - it is a great escape/exit point for us in the worst case so our fix needs to be something that we can remove in an emergency.

And take a look around your house, are there any windows your little ones might be able to get to? Are they well protected? If not I highly recommend you consider the options!! Een if you think that your little one can't reach or unlock the window - find some sort of guards - as we all know these little ones can be very resourceful.

The picture below is our house - that is the boys room and the window Tommy crawled out of...


  1. Oh my, how scary! I'm glad you got to Tommy in time but I can imagine that you're still a bit shaken. Whew!

  2. Ah! So crazy! We knew Lucy had potential for this so we just screwed a small L bracket up against the window frame it can't be slid open.

    Good luck finding something that works and if you don't need to open those windows, L brackets are the cheap and easy way to go!

  3. OMG!! I am so glad that Tommy is ok. I think you remember when I talked about my friend's daughter falling from a 3 story window. That is so frightening and I am so glad he is ok. Ok, I already said that but seriously, I am.

  4. So glad Tommy is safe and unhurt! Hopefully that scare will be enough to keep him from trying to open any more windows! So thankful for the good ending and thanks for the reminder.

  5. Good grief! I'm sure you were scared outta your mind!

    Praising God that Tommy's safe...whew!

    My hubby took a broom handle and cut it to fit in the window to keep it from opening. He cut it to fit very tightly. He had to really work it in. It would come out in an emergency, but it was in way too tightly for a little one to open it. I'm sure you will find something when you go shopping, though.

    Let us know what you find!

  6. Holy cow, that had to be so very scary. I am so glad that precious little guy is okay.

    I am sure you will find something that will work.

  7. That was very scary. So glad that he was ok. Wow. That will stop your heart for sure.

  8. Oh my! Let me know what you find as your solution. When we move back to MI, all the windows are original to the 1936 home....I haven't even begun to think how to secure them.

  9. Oh my, I'm so glad that Tommy is ok. I hope you can find something that will work, so he can't do this again. Although he might be too terrified now anyways, but I wouldn't take any chances. ((Hugs)) to all of you.

  10. So glad your little one is safe and sound! I can only imagine how scary that must have been for you.
    BTW, I love your house! :)

  11. How SCARY!!! I'm so glad he was okay!

  12. I had a patient who had fallen out of a second story window! She was about 4 and surprisingly had very few injuries! She did have some internal bleeding that resolved over a few days! Board up those windows until they understand not to climb out- although after he was so scared, I don't think he will be doing that for a while!

  13. Oh my gosh. I think I would've vomited.


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