I Really Should Be Sleeping

but of course I can't....its 12:30am...and I am trying to quietly type so I don't wake the hubby...

Jack has woken up almost every night for the past two weeks.... somewhere between 1 and 4 am, and it usually takes him an hour to fall back asleep....Friday night he actually woke at 4 am and didn't go back down until 10 am. A combination of teething and reflux....woo hoo!! I am tired, Dan is tired, Jack is tired, and Tommy is, as always, full of energy....

These odd waking times for Jack, and the fact that Dan has been home all week - our schedule is once again all out of whack!!! I slept on the couch until 10 this morning while Dan and the boys watched cartoons.....so now I am awake....I will be tired tomorrow, but I have to find someway to get us all back on track tomorrow!!

Fortunately we have fun plans all week - things that will get us excited and out of the house at decent times...tomorrow morning we are headed to daycare to hang out and play. Tommy and his best friend William miss each other so much, that Williams mom (who runs the daycare from her house) has invited us over for play and lunch.

Tuesday Jack has his 15 month well visit and then the boys and I have an appointment to see if we qualify for WIC support (please say a small prayer for us for this one - the help it will give us is so needed!!)

Wednesday we are going to our first Mommy's group playdate - its going to be at a local playground taht I have never been to, but that sounds amazing!! I can't wait!!

Can you tell I am tired? I am rambling a bit with no direction....But this is all floating through my head right now, along with the thoughts of all the work I have to do to get ready for a yard sale next weekend at my Moms, trying to plan out how much I need to make for the festival (more on that later), trying to figure out the finances in my head...how will we make ends meet...., wondering if I will ever find a job, if Jack will ever talk......

I really should try to sleep...tomorrow will be starting early and promises to be busy.....


  1. I was awake last night, too! I am plagued quite often with insomnia. Problem is, I have to get up at 5:30 a.m. for work. That makes for a loooong day!

    I'll be praying about the WIC assistance, your finances, and Jack's reflux/teething issues. I'll also be praying for sleep for you all!

    Have a great week,

  2. I hope you got some restful sleep. I will keep my fingers crossed for your schedule and the WIC to go through.

  3. ahh - I don't sleep anymore either - I think this is what happens when we (women) have children . . . keen insight!!

    AND I do hope you have good news (re:WIC!!)


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