Let's Hear it for the Boys Men

I Heart Faces Week 24: Lets Hear it For the Boys!!!

This is my entry for the Adult category -
this is the first time I have entered into this category

If you are wondering these are two of my favorite men.
My husband Dan, and my friend Angela's husband Dan.....
collectively known as "The Den".
The four of us went to Ireland in 2004 for St Patrick's Day -
It was an amazing trip with our amazing friends!!
This picture captures the mood of the entire trip for me.

Head on over to I Heart Faces to see more lovely pictures of the loving men and boys in our lives.


  1. What a greta picture. I love that it reminds you of a certain time. Those are the best pictures.

  2. Love the matching beards! Nice picture.

  3. Loving the beards. That is a great shot!

  4. That's an awesome shot!! They're almost twins!

  5. Great picture. I'll be going to Ireland soon. I can't wait.


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