A Little Bit of Randomness on a Saturday

I have some quiet time right now. The grandmother's have the boys (we are so blessed to have these fantastic grandmothers!! But that is for a different post on a different day). Hubby is not feeling well...in fact he hasn't been feeling well for quite some time now, and the exhaustion finally caught up with him last night. We have sent the boys off for some spoiling today while I take care of my biggest guy and we {possibly} head to the walk in to see if something bigger isn't going on with him. {so yeah prayers are definitely welcome!!}


On Tuesday I took Jack for his 15 month appointment, if you are wondering....

H: 30.5"
W: 23lbs 6oz

around 25th percentile for each....I guess little Jack spratt ate no fat!! {I love that my little guy is staying little}


Last but not least....here are some pictures from our meeting with the Mom's group on Wednesday. It was a rare sunny day - perfect for exhausting little boys at a nice big playground.


  1. Those are great! Looks like they had fun!

  2. Adorable pictures! I'd love to smooch on those faces. :-)

    Praying for your hubby. Please keep me posted.



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