Multi Tasking

Or trying to anyway....

I want to blog
I want to sew
I want have to clean

So what do I do? All of the above....

While the iron heats up I blog
While the fabric cools down I recycle
Load some pictures as I put in some stitches...

I think this is too much at once....forget the cleaning (gladly)
Who really wants to hear from me anyway...a pictures worth a thousand words....
Here's 15K...
(oh and since my multi-tasking does not include photoshop these are all SOOC straigh out of the camera)


  1. I love the last shot with Jack and the watermelon! I feel like I have been getting nothing done. I so need to take a day off when no one but me is home and see how much I can get accomplished!

  2. This reminds me of myself in so many ways. By the way you have really cute kids.

  3. Perfect pics! :)

    I'm supposed to use Photoshop?? lol.

    And did you remember to turn off the iron? ;)

  4. I love to multitask and blog. So fun. Cute pictures...love the hats, but you knew I would! :)


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