My Lists

Happy List

  1. We had a fantastic day playing today, the weather was nice, the boys were behaved, and Daddy stopped at the store for me
  2. I fit into a skirt that I haven't worn since before Tommy was born!!
  3. I finally planted tomatoes and got them staked
  4. I found a wonderful new fabric store and a fantastic new garden center - its great what you can find when you explore your own neighborhood
Not So Happy List
  1. I may fit into the skirt but my thighs definitely do not deserve to be in it
  2. I am having a hard time getting motivated and staying focussed
  3. The boys tested my every nerve at bedtime once again while Daddy was at hockey
  4. I can't seem to stop the weight gain since my job loss

To Do List
  1. Put away laundry {have you noticed this is a constant :)}
  2. Start making a lot of goodies for July festival
  3. Take pictures of my recent creations, good pictures!!
  4. Make a fun dress form for myself

What no one told me about motherhood list
  1. Blindfolded in a room full of dirty diapers I could pick out my sons by smell alone
  2. There would now be someone(s) in my life whose bums I would smell and nose I would pick
  3. That I would be able to contort my body such that I am facing forward driving and yet my right arm is feeding cookies to the toddler in the seat behind me
  4. That the best day and the worst night could be in the same 24 hour period, and yet I would still be ready for another day
  5. That, while it may not be fun, I could totally handle 2 toddlers at Target on a rainy day, even when neither wants to ride in the carriage or be carried
  6. A fenced in little league field would be my new favorite spot to let little legs run without worrying about them getting to far.
  7. Watching an almost three year old chase birds would be funny - and watching a one year old try to dance would be even funnier!!


  1. Aww - I especially love that last list. I totally get it :)

  2. I love your lists....maybe I should try. I imagine how much it puts things in perspective for you!

    Oh, and I put on a bathing suit {gasp} yesterday that I wore before having T. It fit, but it was not pretty! Which means I have to do the worst thing in the world - go bathing suit shopping!

  3. It is driving me nuts that i am going the opposite way with my clothing! I had just bought 100 bucks worth of new clothes right before I found out I was pregnant and now none of them fit. Good job on getting back into that skirt! Oh, what new fabric store are you talking about? I did what you suggested and started looking for fabric on Etsy. It is really an addiction!


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