My Lists

Happy List

  1. My friends are visiting up from Texas and we got to hang out with them
  2. Dan is home for the week
  3. The boys and I are starting to find our routine
  4. I'm actually starting to get interest from people for my bags
  5. New fabric that I ordered will be here by Friday!!!  So excited!!
Not So Happy List
  1. Getting sick made me lose some of my control over our schedule
  2. I am realizing I try to control too much, including my toddlers
  3. No one seems even interested in interviewing me nevermind hiring me!
  4. Jack is teething and seems to be refluxing again (yes we think the two are related)

To Do List
  1. Start planning Tommy's 3rd birthday (holy crap)
  2. Finish moving the piles and piles of rocks from our yard
  3. Get the sewing room/office more organized and usable so I can get all this work done
  4. Finish my dress form (started it....just wait until you see the pic tomorrow....hilarious!!)
  5. Finish my food related - better than store bought - post (I am having so much fun writing it)
  6. Finish my 101 in 1001 update (its been far too long)

Things It Amazes Me That Tommy Does List
  1. Knows that if you don't want him to tattle make your little brother an accomplice not a witness (when stealing a muffin for yourself get him one too and he won't say boo)
  2. He can write the letters "A" "T" "O" and "M"
  3. Realizes that saying "I don't feel good" gets great attention
  4. Introduces himself and his brother by their full names when he is meeting someone new
  5. Shares almost everything he can with his baby brother
  6. Makes up his own stories to tell Jack to make him laugh
  7. Consoles Jack when he cries
  8. Climbs over the gate that is supposed to keep him from going down the spiral staircase!!!


  1. I totally think that teething and reflux are related. My youngest only has reflux issues when she is teething. Poor little fella. :(

  2. Great lists! It's hard to believe that Tommy's almost three. Both of your boys are growing so fast!


  3. I was in frantic planning mode and then I get 3 calls that removed 6 kids from the party equation. I'm a bit sad about it, but what's a girl to do. It might be more managable if it's smaller anyway. Eh, we still have a bouncy house!

    Great lists. Don't worry too much about the job situation. It is tough out there right now and is not a reflection of you. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

  4. I like your lists! I really need to get on my cleaning list!!!

    Aren't big brother's creative, lol!

    I got the BTW (by the way) figured out, but still not up on all the text lingo, lol!

    ~ Nan

  5. OK, so I really do want to make my list.....I'm just afraid of the following (in list form):

    1.) My to-do list will have nothing but pack, pack, organize, put together more boxes, pack, pack, pack.
    2.) I will get ultra-depressed making up such a list.

    But I do plan to play along soon! I need to.


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