My Lists

Happy List

  1. oh the fabric stash I have grown!! {I really should take pictures!!}
  2. Both boys napping at the same time...what could be better?!
  3. We had a wonderful time playing with our lovely daycare family....oh how we miss them!!
  4. Going to my first mommy's group today - can't wait!!
  5. I have all day Thursday to myself from 7am to around 8pm...I love my boys but I do like the occaissional alone time!!
  6. We got approved for WIC yesterday!! This includes checks that can be used at our local farmers markets!!!
Not So Happy List
  1. We are once again supposed to only get one day of sun this week...I'm really wondering if we are ever going to get a real summer.
  2. I missed the deadline to order food from Angel Food Ministries!!! We were really counting on placing that order!!!
  3. I am having such a hard timing getting my butt in gear (literally) and exercising
  4. I have a lovely new crack in my winshield

To Do List
  1. Get ready for out play date: pack lunches, snacks, water, camera, camera, extra clothes, hats.....I think I might need a bigger car!!
  2. Put together a craft box and plan out some crafts for the boys for the upcoming rainy week
  3. Call the library and register for story time for both boys
  4. As always....sew, sew, sew....get ready for the Hot Air Balloon Festival!!!
  5. Plan Tommy's 3rd Bday party - send invitations

Looking on the Bright Side List
  1. All this rain and cooler weather means that the grass seed I planted is growing with little effort on my part
  2. Jack waking up ridiculously early right now gives us wonderful one on one time in the early am - we even saw the sunrise together this morning
  3. Tommy going to bed late gives me the chance to read lots and lots of books with him and we are loving it
  4. As lonely at is can be some nights for me, Dan playing hockey has given him a chance to get out and do something fun just for him....I know that is making him happy


  1. Yeah for alone time! I haven't taken a 'true' day all to myself since before my girls were born. No doubt, my husband has offered. Maybe it's time to forgo the guilt and take one??? :)
    I love your lists, Liz. Especially the 'look on the bright side' one.

  2. I just looked at your bags and bibs and they are amazing!! As soon as I get some extra money I am ordering me one of those Monk's bags!!!

  3. I can't believe that your fabric stash is growing...it was huge and awesome already. I'll bet it is a dream.
    Still napping at the same time? Another dream come true.
    Hope the sun starts shining a little more.

  4. I need to learn how to sew-and have a place to do it! :)

    AND time for yourself-you go!!

  5. Love your lists. I've been trying to do this too, it really helps.

  6. A day without kids? What's that like?

  7. We've had lots of rain, too. It's rained every single day for the past two weeks, and the weatherman is predicting more rain for this week. I think I'm growing moss under my arms.

    Love your lists! I'm sorry you missed the deadline for the food, though. Are there any area churches with food banks?

    I'm glad you are having such a wonderful time with your boys. This is a wonderful time to be with them. They'll grow up way too quickly!


  8. I need to make a list but everything is so crazy right now. I'm still trying to plan for school just in case I have surgery. Fun!!!!!!!
    Not looking forward to that.

  9. Fun list (well, except the not so good list). Stacks of fabric always remind me of my Grandma. She loved to sew and looking through her material was so much fun.

  10. Love 'lists' posts! And 'honey please don't lick the fridge' is something I have uttered too. And fill in the blank with other more gross objects - all day long - to my 2 year old! :)


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