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If you were wondering where I got the idea/instructions for the fabulous dress form the hubby and I made Monday night....check out this site.

I can't believe Tommy is going to be 3 in less than a month. You can really see it in him though, he is no longer a baby, hardly a toddler. He carries on full conversations, makes up stories to tell us, and does all the fun things little boys do!! I can't belive that I have been a mother for almost 3 years!!


We watched Disney's "The Jungle Book" the other night. It is actually one of Tommy's favorites (one of Mommy's too). I love the story, the music, everything about this classic!! I can't wait for Tommy and Jack to be old enough for me to read the Kipling stories to them (if you haven't read them I highly highly recommend them!! Very different from the movie, they are actually a series of short stories).

One thing I love about this movie is the classic artwork of it. You can see that someone(s) sat at the drawing board and drew this, you can see the love and care, you can see the pencil and sketch marks, the truly painstaking details. Made in 1967 there was no computer animation, no fancy high tech special effects, just artists drawing out each scene, each character in detail.

Movies just aren't made like this anymore!!

My two favorite new sites to visit Awkward Family Photos and Craft Fail. I may never be crafty/creative enough for a feature on Todays Creative Blog but Craft Fail here I come!!! Seriously...the first time I read Craft Fail I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard - it is so funny!! Plus I love that it is the crafters poking fun at themselves so there is no mean spirit about it.

Jack now officially joins his brother as a fan of Sponge Bob...He loves the theme song and tries to sing it and dances every time he hears it...I love it!!

I made bagels from scratch for the first time ever this week...they are fantastic and super easy to make!! Yet another reason I LOVE my bread machine. We are going to start experminting with different flavors next week!!

Now that I am home so much, I have found myself trying all sorts of new recipes. I was in such a cooking rutt....but didn't realize it until I was home more. In the past couple weeks I have tried these new recipes (new for me anyway):
  • Thai veggie stirfry
  • Fettucine bake
  • A really yummy sundried tomato and pasta salad
  • Bacon/Broccoli Mac and Cheese
Tomorrow I will be making falafels and possibly some tabouleh

This doesn't even include the baking (cookies, bagels, breads, etc). I am really loving the domestication of me!!

The boys and I started finding a routine last week. I even wrote it out on the white board in the kitchen so I could try to stick to it....of course its all a shambles since Daddy has been home this week (read Tommy didn't fall asleep until after 11pm tonight!!) But I am determined to get us back on track!!!


I will end this by saying this is a great idea....

I promise that I will not obsess about how many/few comments I am getting - how many I am leaving - or if I can blog daily. It is summer and I have a chance to spend it with my baby boys....

So I am gladly a P.O.S. (prisoner of summer)....for myself, my husbands, and my kids....(oh but don't worry I will be around....just trying to cut back from this daily obsession!!)

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  1. Don't you feel productive being at home?? I think if I just had one day a week at home I could get so much more done. I took your advice and started cutting out fabric last night. i think by Sunday I will have the stuff cut out to make 5 dresses and will sew them all. :o) I will have to get a bread maker. you are making it sound awesome!

  2. Mmmm falafel. Falafel is super easy and yummy!

    I'm thinking you have a thing for pasta based on all of the new things you're trying? :-)

    Hooray for you on beginning to find your groove! It helps SO much.

  3. This is a fun blog! Seems like you keep busy . . . and are VERY talented!

    If you ever want to stop by my blog, come on down . . .

  4. The Jungle Book is awesome! It's definitely in my Top 5 for favorite Disney movies.

    And Awkward Family Photos is hilarious. I love that site- cracks me up!

    Enjoy being a P.O.S. with your boys!

  5. I love falafel, but Fred didn't seem too impressed, so I don't think I'll be making those. :) Glad you're getting the boys on a schedule, I'm still working on it! Fred messed it up when he's home too!

    Love the Jungle Book!

  6. Come post with us at Craft Fail!! ;)


  7. I am also a big fan of those 2 blogs! You can always count on them for a good laugh, can't you?
    Um, my babe is going to be 3 in 2 months- it is so sad.

  8. i love a schedule and that POS blogging idea sounds good to me. Enjoy the summer!

  9. I know what you mean! My son is three now and I still can't believe it!

  10. I have yet to find my groove being home every day! I think I'm paralyzed by the fear that at any moment, I could be heading back to work.

    Good ramblings. I'm off to check out P.O.S.


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