Still Plugging Away

I haven't posted much on my 101 in 1001 in a long time....so lets do a big fat "yes I am still plugging away at it" post.

1. Remove rocks from yard
oy....this one is going to kill me...or at least give me a hernia. I have been slowly chipping away at this for four years. Every time we are outside I try to move a couple more, I even put Tommy to work for me moving the little ones. Once we get them moved there will be so much more room in our yard its ridiculous (and I won't have to do all my gardening container style)

This is just one of the two piles in our yard

8. Organize all work related paperwork in office
This one was easily completed in the beginning of May when i lost my job and the shred fest began!! Hooray for my paper shredder!!

11. Complete re-org of office
Now that it is being used for my sewing room too we are well into the planning and organizing stages for this room. Just figuring out how to do it on our really tight budget is going to be the tough part right now (although if you read this post or this one you will know that i have gotten started on it as much as possible)

18. Start vegetable garden
19. Start potted herb garden
My yard is still no where near ready for a garden, so instead I am container gardening this year - some herbs and veggies....just enough for us.
One of my tomato plants...I hate metal tomato cages...

28. Get Back to Wedding Weight
Thanks to the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans...and Team Sage.....I am back on my way to getting there.

29. Read 50 books total (6/50)
Working on books 7, 8, &9 right now
The Last Lecture (amazing you MUST read this)
In the Shadow of Man (Jane Goodalls first book)
Busy Woman Seeks Wife (a fun fiction)

yes I read multiple books at once...depends on my mood.

52. Cook something new at least once a month
right now its like once a week....I'm loving the fact that I once again have the time to scour my cookbooks and favorite cooking sites and get cooking for my family again
Delicious spinach/sun-dried tomato/pasta salad

Thai veggie stir fry

Rachel Ray's Balsamic Chicken with mushroom and shallots over rice

64. Install CFLs in all light fixtures in house
Done...exciting huh....

I guess that's all the updates I have right now....but not nearly done with my goals yet!!


  1. Very cool!

    I should really make a list; I'm always looking to improve myself and set goals.

  2. That is awesome. That picture of the mushroom and chicken thingy...looked so good. I LOVE mushrooms.

  3. Yay for you! I'm not plugging away at my list, and really need to pick back up again and revise some of my items that I will never achieve......myabe after this darn move.

  4. oh lord! you're not kidding about those rocks... those arent rocks... those are boulders! and the food... YUMMY!

  5. That pasta recipe w/sundried tomatoes looks SO yummy. And you remind me that I need something for around my tomato and pepper plants. Oy. You are doing so well! And WOAH on the rocks. Those are HUGE!

  6. I find that I am sticking to the weekly ones and not posting about it, but unless it's a biggie I find that a bulk post is good! What are you going to do with all of those rocks once you get them in a pile???

  7. Hey woman! I miss you! Hope you are doing well! ♥ HUGS ♥

  8. Great goals for a mom of two boys. I love your twitter name. It got me intrigued to visit your site. So, you do etsy eh? I will check it out.


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