Synchronized Sleeping

The finest art form of mommy-hood. Coordinating the naptimes of two young boys who's ages differ by 20 months - managing to secure 2 glorious hours to herself.

Today I have mastered that art...a raucous playdate this morning I am sure helped greatly. So now I have time....

Last week it basically rained all week...I must admit I didn't feel very inspired to take many pictures. On Saturday we were finally blessed with a sunny day - and just in time for Tommy and I to go to Natey's Birthday Party (read all about it on Kameron's blog and check out the awesome cake she made!!)

Tommy and I had a wonderful time at Natey's birthday, and it was nice to have a little fun time just for the two of us!!

The birthday boy being silly!!

It was even warm enough to dip our toes in the water

My pensive little dude

Impressed with Natey's walking dino


  1. I will never forget those glorious times when my twins would take naps at the same time. LOVED IT!

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  2. I think it is so neat that you all are IRL friends and celebrate birthdays together.
    I used to have my girls naps at the same time. I loved that quiet time for me in the afternoon.

  3. Natey enjoyed his "run around the family room like a maniac" time with Tommy! It was so lucky to have such a nice day to be outside with friends and birthday cake. We'll definitely have to have you guys back for some beach ball sprinkler time soon.

    Kudos on getting 2 hours to yourself. I hope I can achieve that with my kiddos at least some times!

  4. Hey, I've got my map all done... and I'm hopping in the car now! Be ready for me! (I wish!)

    {{ding dong}}

    "It's me! ERICA!!!"


  5. I always wonder how ppl do this with 2 kids!?!?

  6. My girls are 16 months apart. We're lucky that the girls nap at the same time. It would drive me crazy any other way. :)

  7. My kids always lay down and at least rest at the same time everyday! I love at least 30 minutes of quite time...lol.

  8. Woo hoo for getting them to nap at the same time!! That seems like a mommy miracle. :)


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