5 Things About Me

Jean asked me to play along with her 5 things Meme this week...I thought it could be fun (and what a fun idea)

This weeks topic is 5 things about me:

1. When I was in middle school I collected baseball cards obsessively - in fact I wanted to be a Major League Baseball player - my dream as a child was to catch for Roger Clemens (he was on the Red Sox at the time and my hero)

2. At one point if you asked me what I would do as a profession is I could just hop into something, regardless of money or training...I would have told you pastry chef. I have since learned that while I love to bake cakes and other goodies, I really detest the hardcore decorating.

3. I am horrible with calling people. I have an odd fear (I guess you could call it a fear) of talking on the phone. Some of my good friends totally accpet this and realize that me not calling them is not an insult just me...(it does make things hard for me though...not everyone gets it)....but at the same time, I am perfectly fine when someone calls me...for the most part

4. I am planning to go to BlogHer next year (with Kameron, Brooke, and Alicia of course) if for no other reason than a nice little weekend away. I figure it is in NYC - no reason I can't swing that. And if we start now maybe we can find a sponsor...or 10

5. I am freaking out excited about the upcoming Providence Open Market....but you will have to wait until a little later to find out more about that.

Now I really should say goodnight....there is a lot I would like to get done before I go to bed...but its already 12:20...

Happy Friday!!!