Hot Air Balloon Festivities

(creative title, no?)

I can't believe it has been a week since I last posted anything. It has been crazy around here - trying to get ready for the festival was insanity!! So much to get done, and being new to this and not knowing exactly what to expect made it even harder!! Kameron and I did it though, and very successfully I think!!

the setup on day one...the dresses behind the tables are our neighbors
- they are in the location we moved to on the second day.

The first night did not go so well - we discovered that we were assigned one of the worst locations, on the backside of the main drag facing a wall. Fortunately our neihbor (who was on the main drag) with two spaces offered to let us have one of his spots as he wanted to spread out to the place next to us. (I know hard to explain). We have our new friend Jerry to thank - this move made our second day (Saturday) a HUGE success.

setup on day 2 - in our new spot with better displays much more appealing I think!!

Not only did we sell a lot of our wonderful creations, but we met some amazing people, our work has been requested for a website (the owner loves to focus on and promote local homemade treasures), and we had another approach us about setting up a booth at her Fall Festival.

some of my totes on display

a few more bags

I feel like I could go on and on about how wonderful this past weekend was...in fact I know I could. But I am too tired and really need to get all my remaining bags and belts posted on to my Etsy shop.

Not the best picture, but this is the night view of our booth

the money paid from our first sale...yes I took a picture!!

I will be doing my best these next few days to see what everyone has been up to. And be sure to stay tuned this week, I have a couple reviews, some more pictures to share, and some great discount codes for all of my lovely readers.

I hope you all have a lovely evening!!!


  1. Oh, your items are beautiful! So glad that your friend offered you a booth upfront. Love the picture of your 1st sale!

  2. I am so wiped from all of the fabric picture editing (3 hours worth so far) and writing my vacay post. I might just link to you! Ha! I will get to it tomorrow I think, btu I am still linking to you! Well done friend! We pulled it off. Here's to many more successful shows!

  3. Yeah!!! I'm so glad to hear that the show was a success! Your bags are so pretty. :)

  4. That's gotta make all your hard work worth it! I'm so proud of you my dear.

  5. Looks like a terrific show! So glad you guys did well.

    And how cute is Kam pregnant! I think that's the first real belly shot I've seen :)

    Can't wait for you new listings and discount code!

  6. Awesome show! Wish you guys lived close so I could have came and shopped till I dropped.

  7. Everything is beautiful! I especially like the striped bags with the brown handles...very cute!

    I'm glad things went well for you...sounds like your business is growing quickly.

    I know what you mean about being busy. I posted something about that today, too. Shew!

    Take a break, girl, and rest a little. :-)

  8. Good job! I'm glad you guys had some success with the craft fair an wish you much MORE success!


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