The Littlest Guy @ 16 Months

Taking a page from Kameron, Brooke, and Heather, I am finally starting to record some of the milestones of my boys. I have been wanting to do this for a while but never knew where to start....and with two boys to keep up with, I just hope I stick with this!! Better late than never...right?

Jack @ 16 months:

I can't believe my baby is growing up so quickly - I am so amazed by all that you can do and how much your sweet little personality is really starting to come out
  • You are walking like a pro now and doing everything you can to keep up with Tommy - you practically run when you hear the front door open and want nothing more than to be outside. You scream and cry if anyone goes out the door without you.
  • You still aren't saying much, you babble and try to talk but nothing clear yet. We aren't too worried - you definitely have your own timing for everything - you ate when you were ready, walked when you were ready, I am sure when you are ready you will talk circles around all of us, even Tommy
  • You're definitely a sturdy little man. You hold your own against your big brother in wrestling matches...I can just picture the holes that will be appearing in my walls as you get older
  • You are definitely my little snuggle bug - you are so happy whenever I just tote you around, the kitchen, the yard, the mall, everywhere. Its hard to get stuff done at times with you, but I love all the love that you give me.
  • When you aren't being held you can't be kept still, diaper changes have become full on wrestling matches, you scream, cry, and kick, it takes all our strength to hold you down and get you covered.
  • You are absolutely in love with your Poppy (Daddy's daddy). You smile whenever you see him and love when he holds you.
  • You will sleep anywhere....you fight it as long as you can, but when you are done you are done and you will sleep whereever you happen to be, floor, car, highchair....

I Love you my sweet baby!!!


  1. So sweet! Thanks for sharing. I know that your kiddos will love looking back at this some day.

  2. He's so cute in that last pic all sleepy and cuddled.

  3. It is awesome that you are capturing this now! I love looking back to my posts about Natey and remembering the small stuff. It alwys makes me smile!

  4. It's never too late to start! Your little snuggle bug is too cute!! Glad to hear there's another toddler not saying much - like you said, they'll do it in their own time. And I hear ya on the diaper changes!!!! What a pain.

  5. Awww...what a great picture of the two of you!


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