6 Days and Counting

Happy List:

  1. Won an amazing crayola package through the lovely Tiaras & Tantrums
  2. Also won a great notebook/pad package through Monkey Mayhem (if you know me well you know I am a notebook fanatic, always have one with me - and I'm not talking some cheap Mead spiral bound, but a nice pretty notebook)
  3. I start my new exciting job in less than a week. I can't wait to get a regular paycheck again!!
  4. My family has survived a summer with our income cut by 2/3's with nothing more than a couple bruises to our credit - we are very blessed that it was nothing more than that!!
  5. The boys are thrilled to be going back to the beloved Miss Shanon and her sons at daycare
  6. Tommy is now successfully pooping in the potty!!! Woo Hoo!! Not totally accident free, but we are well on our way!!
Not So Happy List:
  1. My summer of fun with my boys is over
  2. Even with the income back we will still be living tight, there is a lot of catching up to do
  3. My job will cut into my sewing/blogging/tweeting/farmville time :) (maybe this is a good thing)
  4. My house is still a mess
  5. Did not win the Kokopax carrier from Monkey Mayhem (I really really really want one of these!!)
{Before I Go Back To Work} To Do List:
  1. One more berry trip with the boys (maybe get some raspberries to this time)
  2. Get all laundry clean folded and put away
  3. Clean couches
  4. Find all my work clothes
Things We Did this Summer List:
  1. Providence Children's Museum (3 or 4 times at least)
  2. Capron Zoo
  3. Pawtuxet Village Playground (mommy's group)
  4. Kidz Castle (mommy's group)
  5. Flew a kite (well tried to anyway)
  6. Went to the beach (including Blues on the Beach)
  7. Swam at Nana's
  8. Chowder, Clam Cakes and the Carousel
  9. Tons of building block, play dough, bubble and train track time

I can't believe that in less than a week, I will be putting on my "business casual" duds, packing my lunch, fighting the traffic, and returning to work.

Part of me is so sad that this wonderful time the boys and I have had is over, but another part of me is excited to start this next leg of my career. I have a job I find interesting, I have worked hard to get where I am and I am glad to be returning to work.

I'm not too worried either - I know the family and I will still make time to have a lot of fun together. I know we will still run and play and go berry/peach/apple/pumpkin picking. There will still be zoo trips and museum visits - just not during the day in the middle of the week anymore :)


  1. I love your lists, I really do.

    Part of me wishes I were heading back to work soon, the other part of me wants nothing to do with it. I'm torn, but now that summer is coming to an end, I need to get my butt in gear!

  2. That's great that you won some fun giveaways! I love free stuff don't you? :) Good luck on your new job. You guys will get back into the swing of things and I'm sure will do just fine. Were here to cheer you on. Your on farmville too? Who would have ever thought a virtual farm would consume us like it has? LOL I wake up and first thing I think of is not going to the potty.. but harvesting my crops! LMAO! :)

  3. I loved this post. So cool that you won some giveaways & that you have had a nice summer with your guys. You all did alot of fun things this summer.

  4. I hope you really like your new job! It is always exciting to start something new. What the heck is this farmville thing? I se it all over facebook, but don't want to get caught up in something else!! I don't have any spare time as it is...and I need to get my bum in gear for the Open market. We need to chat about that soon as I wantt o go over the dates and which ones we are each doing. I have Holly's wedding on the 12th.

  5. Thinking of you as you prepare for the next leg of your journey!
    I think it is so awesome that you were blessed by a summer home with your boys, without too many repercussions. :)

  6. Changes make life interesting, don't they? Good luck with your new job!

    I have always enjoyed working and still do a little part time to keep myself out there. :o)

  7. You won some cool stuff:)

    Good luck on the new job!


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