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I had such lofty plans today. The boys were going to my father's for the day and I was going to get to work.

Do you remember...ages ago it was, when I said something about updating my Etsy store, with my loads of new bags, about big plans....and a coupon code... Well I worked my butt off today - and what do I have to show for it...very little.

It has been gross and overcast all day today - there fore the lighting is crap - which means every picture I have taken of my bags is also crap. I so rely on natural light right now - it really makes a big difference - and of course on the day when I have the time I don't have the lighting!! I tried working on them with Photoshop, but it really didn't help.

Well regardless I figure its about time!! Here is a preview of some of my bags. The weather forecast for tomorrow is more promising so I am going to try to get many more done tomorrow and posted.

This is one of my favorite tote bags to date.
It is lined with a nice black and white floral print and has two interior pockets.
Its nice and big, measuring 18" wide and 15" tall.

This is a small buttercup bag using the buttercup pattern from Made By Rae.
It has an interior pocket, magnetic snap, and a nice deep blue lining.

Also as I mentioned before I will eventually be moving away from my Etsy shop to my Material Mamma blog. The fees on Etsy combined and the paypal fees all add up and I need to charge more for my bags...right now I have Carla helping me out with that blog design and layout and I will probably get that going by the end of this month, or worse case, sometime in September. My goal is to have it up and ready by the time I do the Open Market.

As far as a coupon code - to all of my beloved followers and friends. I am offering 10% off any bag. In the comments to seller let me know you are friend and fan (tell me you read about this discount on my blog) and I will refund 10% back to you. Take a look around my shop and remember I have a lot more to add!!

Also if you are interested in children's aprons, tag blankets or fabric belts, I make those as well, I just don't have them posted on Etsy. You can leave a comment here and let me know what you are interested in and I can send you pics of what I have or can make :) Here are a couple pics of what I have made so far.
The above apron fits 2-4T, but I can make any size requested.

The belts are double sided - in this pic I have them folded in half so you can see the two designs.

The large tag blanket pictured above is made of a soft flannel and measures 16" x 20".
Also available are small square (6x6) and a medium square (12x12) blanket.
A crinkle material can be added to the inside of the small blanket for a little extra fun.

So that's it...that's where I am right now....I must say righting it all out - I feel a little more accomplished than I did earlier. And this is only a small sampling and of what I will have available over time. I am also realizing that I have a lot of work to do to get everything posted on Material Mamma so that you can see all that I have available!!!

Happy shopping!!


  1. Hi Liz, your hands are wonderful. I love the second purse. It is so cute. And by the way, I always love blue. :)

  2. Everything looks great. I am eventually going to get myself one of your awesome bags. YOu are so talented. Can't wait to see them on your new blog.

  3. My goodness, you've been busy! Looking forward to seeing more pics. You are soooo talented!

  4. Those are just beautiful! I love the bags. I am so impressed by everything.


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