Clam Cakes, Chowder, and the Carousel

But of course not in that order.

If you saw my photo hunt entries, this is carousel was my something old - built in 189? it is right down the street from my MIL

We decided we needed to get out of the house on Sunday so off to Bobo's we went (my MIL). It was a little warm, and very overcast, a perfect day to play outside with active boys and a great day for a walk down to the carousel for a ride and then some clamcakes and chowder.

Jack was not up for the ride - it was very loud and he just wanted to be held - so Tommy and I took a spin. Tommy loved it!!! I wish I had the presence of mind to not sit him in one of the inner most horses - Dan took pictures but of course you could hardly see us.

After the ride was over we went to the shack on site for some clamcakes and chowder. While usually food from a "shack" is not something I run for. This is a summer tradition for us - the food is great, and really the only way to get clamcakes and chowder is from a building that can be described as a shack.

The boys loved the clamcakes - Tommy wasn't too into the chowder, but Jack was happy to chow down on Daddy's (although he was a little angry we wouldn't let him feed himself)

Even though we stuffed our faces at the shack, Tommy insisted upon some popcorn as well - and when the grandparents are around Tommy gets to be spoiled (and we are perfectly fine with that).
After the ride and treats it was back to Bobo's for some quieter fun and play until we were all tired and had to go home and get to bed.

It was a great way for us to end our fun weekend!!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures - I really wasn't very thrilled with what my SOOC shots so I played around with a lot of new actions I recently found for Photoshop.


  1. looks like a great day - even if overcast !!

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  3. What a great day! Great pictures too :)

  4. It looks like a great weekend!!!

    I'm glad you took off disqus. It reminds me of JS-Kits which I also hate. I prefer good old Blogger comments.

  5. Looks like the shack has some great food! The color of your pics is so bright..love it!

  6. Those turned out great and it sounded like a wonderful time. Great job editing.

  7. Drool.. I love crab cakes! lol
    Looks like a wonderful afternoon!

  8. It looks like a fun day, even if not everyone cared for the chowder.

  9. not a big fan of chowder myself but with pictures of so much fun who could not have had fun

  10. Sounds like a nice day. I have yet to get the fascination with clam cakes. They just seem like a dough ball to me. I dont know that I have ever felt like there was enough clam in them! Aaron has already chastized me for these thoughts, but feel free to do so as well!

  11. How fun is that? Great pictures:-)

  12. Looks like a perfect day to me. I don't think I have ever had a clam cake!


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