An Evening at the Farm

We are blessed to live close (enough) to a wonderful farm. Harmony Farm in Harmony RI (where else would you want to go?!) Last fall we discovered them when we went, en masse, apple picking. Tonight we returned and filled our buckets and bags with blueberries and peaches. I want to go back this weekend and try their blackberries and raspberries as well (yes they have a little bit of everything!!)

Harmony farms has picking from 6 - 8pm, the perfect ending to a hot day. We loaded the boys in the car, grabbed some extra shopping bags (easiest if you bring your own) and off we went.

The moment I saw the bushes I knew we hit the mother load. Almost every single bush we went to was so heavy with beautiful ripe berries its branches hung low.

We went from bush to bush, picking lovely heavy juicy berries. The boys ate their fill as they picked (of course!!).

Dan and I sampled as well - we were amazed with the variety, the flavor of the berries varied from plant to plant, some sweet, some tart, one bush I found had berries with this amazing floral quality to their flavor. It was blueberry heaven.

We have big plans for these berries. Some will be frozen, so on those cold winter nights we will have something beautiful to remind us of our warm and lovely summer, something we can bake into our muffins and pancakes, a little bite of summer. Some will be lovingly baked into pies and buckles.

And the rest, devoured by the handful, straight from the bowl in which they sit in the fridge.

But wait....of course there is more. After picking our 3.5 pounds of lovely blueberries we headed over to the orchard and laid into the peach trees.

It was a sweet little orchard - the perfect size for my sweet little family - and we had it this evening all to ourselves.

Jack wasn't sure what to make of them at first, and neither boy was really fond of the peach fuzz
(although Tommy did love the fact that the peaches were as fuzzy as his head)

We picked a peck of peaches if you must know - beautiful fuzzy peaches. Again I know many will be eaten, as is, from the bag that sits on our counter. But these lovely orbs are destined for great things as well. My MIL makes a peach pie that is to die for (or so my husband tells me), this weekend out little clan shall descend upon her (welcoming) home, ooh and ah over her new car, and then ask her to teach us how to make this lovely confection.

I must say though that throughout the peach picking process Tommy was definitely more interested in climbing the trees...(there is a reason monkey adorn my page you know)

So now it is very late...and as much as I loved writing this post, I must end it...

I leave you with an image of my best beloved

no...that's to girly sounding (and I don't want to make Jay cry)

So good night and here's a pic of my man!!


  1. LOL What a great post, and fantastic pictures!

    You do such a great pictorial!!

    I SOOO want to find a blueberry farm...although I may be 300lbs by the time I leave...

    Wonderful post Liz, thanks so much for sharing your great family time.


  2. My kind of family outing......fun, memorable and leave with the goods. I would love to go blueberry picking at some point in my life!

  3. I have wanted to take my kids berry picking for so long. next year I will have to research and find a place near us. Great pictures.

  4. Yum, yum...blueberries and peaches! When I was pregnant with Bo, I craved peaches! My mother makes a delicious peach pie, too. We need to get Jay's mom and mine together for a bake-off...we'll be the judges! ;-)

    Your pictures are amazing...the boys are growing up so fast!

  5. Blueberry Farm? Are you serious? HOW NEAT is that! All we have is a strawberry farm near where I live and it's for a very short period of time that we can actually go pick them. I bet you guys always have such a great time when you go. YUM! I can think of so many things to bake up when I think of blueberries. :)

  6. Wonderful post Liz, thanks so much for sharing your great family time.

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  7. I love the shot with jack in B&W & the berries in color. You are going to have to teach me how to use photoshop! I just got it and can only do the minimum! I need to get a Photoshop for Dummies book!


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