Happy 17 months Jack!!

I can't believe that you are 1 month away from officially being called a "toddler". It has been amazing to watch your slow transformation from my bitty baby to my bitty boy.

*You are finally starting to talk. Mommy and Daddy couldn't be more proud...even though your first words included SpongeBob and Elmo, and you have yet to say Mommy or Daddy

*You love water. You love your water table and will gladly stand or sit in it. At your Nana's house you have no fear of the big pool (which actually scares us a little)

* One of your new favorite words (and activities) is Bubbles!!! You get so excited when you see Mommy taking out the bubble machine to play with, you chase them all down - or at least as many as you can reach.

*You still don't consistently sleep through that night. About once a month you wake up screaming and you and Mommy need to snuggle extensively before you will go back to sleep. We have tried to CIO, but that is just not your thing {this is something we really need to work on before Mommy goes back to work by the way}

*You are a funny eater - perfectly content to fill your cheeks with whatever we put in front of you, and you have no problem taking everything out of your mouth if you see something that looks even yummier.

*Much to Tommy's dismay - you think Tommy's milk/water/juice must be yummier than yours and take his sippy cup from him whenever he's not looking. (even when we give you identical cups with identical beverages)

*Much to our dismay, you are quickly following in your brothers climbing, high-wire footsteps - just today I caught you trying to climb out the living room window...you will both forever keep us on our toes!!

*You are Poppy's little boy. The bond between you and your Poppy is beautiful - to see you both light up when the other walks in the room

I know my dear sweet boy that there is so much more to say about you, so much more that you can do...but know that you are dearly loved my sweet little man, and while I may not remember or record every milestone, I promise you I cherish every single moment you are here.