Too Tired To Title

It has been another jam packed weekend. It is now 5:30pm, both boys are sound asleep and the hubby is finishing getting dinner ready so I can sit...because I am tired!!!

I really can't complain though - it has been a fabulous weekend, but I would be lying if I said I'm not looking forward to Thursday and my Dad taking both the boys for the day.

The fun started Friday afternoon - when Tommy and I were unexpectedly invited (by Kameron) to the Chowder Cook-Off at her work (which incidently used to be my work...which I miss very very much!!). I was thrilled to have the chance to go - take Tommy for a fun evening out, and see all my old friends and coworkers (someone please find me a job back there - I miss you so much....but I think I already said that)

Natey enjoyed every last drop of his juice!!

Tommy and I had a wonderful time with Kameron and Nate - and Tommy did his best to run around like a mad man, even after Kameron and Nate left for the night.

There were tons of bouncy houses/slides to check out.
This was just one of the three that they had to try out!!

Some games to play
It took Tommy standing there and staring at her for a minute
before the woman in black moved out of the way

Chowder to test.
Tommy didn't care for the chowder but loved the juice

Some painting to do
He was so into this - I want to get one of these spinning paint things at home!!

A bracelet to craft (sorry no pic :)

And of course he had to get his face painted!!
The butterfly was totally his choice - although the options were limited

I had so much fun with my big guy. He is at such a fun age - sure he is also getting to the talk-back stage - but being able to not worry about the stroller and just run and play and have a fantastic time - I LOVED IT!!!

Saturday we managed to sleep in as late as possible (for Mommy that was actually 10:30...oops) And then we were off once again first it was for sweet baby Benjamin's first birthday party...and of course I didn't get a single picture there. We had a great time with our friends, playing in the kiddy pools and eating cake and chips, and every other treat that Mommy doesn't usually keep in the house (including bubble gum).

From the birthday party, we headed over to (Jon)Cake's and Cheryl's house for the block party their neighborhood was throwing. Once again Tommy took off running....literally. He was unstoppable (well except for those 5 minutes when he had a cookie)

You can't tell, but Jack is in that wagon Tommy is pulling

We discovered Saturday night that Tommy can ride a two wheeler with training wheels. He watched the other kids for a little bit - then grabbed a bike and was off!!

He just took off - I think we will be getting him his own bike soon

Jack, still too small for a bike, was happy to try out the scooters

It was a wonderful party. Everyone in the neighborhood set out all of their bikes and outdoor toys and everyone was welcome to use whatever they wanted. Jack had fun running around too - and of course flirting with his little girlfriend Celia - I swear its love - they make quite a cute pair - cooing and babbling to each other :)

We finally had to leave when I could hardly hold my head up any longer...and no I wasn't drinking I was tired!!!

Today had thankfully been a little more mellow!! We had a relaxing quiet morning and then headed off to the in-laws to pack up a bunch of stuff for our yardsale this weekend...and now, as I mentioned, we are back at home, getting ready for dinner, and planning a movie night to just sit and relax....so tomorrow we can go to the beach!!!

Off to shower and get things ready for another exciting day tomorrow...


  1. We did have a great time, and sorry that wasn't best picture of us, but we only managed to get the one! I'm glad you guys got to come and stayed to party after me and Nate cut out!

    Oh, it is so funny. Jack looks like he's giving you the go away, I'm on a date look already!! Ha! That is so cute. ;O)

  2. Oh you have been a BUSY girl, haven't ya?

    Those party pics were all SOOOO bright and colorful. They were beautiful just to look at. =0)

    Good luck with Pixenate. It's a great little on-the-go thing to have!


  3. Looks a fun and busy weekend. Love all the pictures. Your boys are so handsome...

  4. I am tired just reading all that - you are one busy chick!

    And where did I miss the details on you going back to work? Are you looking forward to it?

    Looks like you're making the most of your summer with your boys! :)

  5. You did have a busy weekend!! How fun is that?

  6. Thanks for stopping by!! We found the shirts at Old Navy Sunday... They were very cute!! It was a much needed break after the past couple days! My niece thinks Emma is the best :)

    Thanks again!

  7. You guys are always on the go! I love it. No fun sitting at home all the time cleaning and cooking.

    Love all the pictures and even Kam's post on y'alls venture to to the chow-da fest. She told me how you guys know eachother and how your cubicle was contagious in getting eachother pregnant, lol.


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