Making the Most of Every Moment

I feel like I am in count down mode - in 26 days I return to my life as a full time working mother and my boys return to our beloved daycare (really we love Miss Shannon and her sweet boys - we have had several playdates with them already since the boys left her care - we all miss each other so much!!)

The boys and I are on a mission now - to get in as much summer fun as we can before Mommy returns to work...oh and it must be cheap summer fun as, well, we are quite broke. Fortunately summer fun can easily be budgeted if you are careful :)

This past week we have gone swimming at Nana's

Had clamcakes and chowder, and rode the carousel with Bobo and Poppy

We played with massive amounts of bubbles and the sprinkler at home

We returned to the children's museum for some free fun and air conditioning

We picked blueberries with Uncle Nate

And that's just the big stuff - so many fun little activites have filled in the in-between times

Play-doh fun

The train track

Love our blocks

Our plans for the rest of the summer include another beach trip (hopefully more), picking blueberries (again) and hopefully some raspberries too, visiting the local zoo with the new splash pad, and plenty of fun times together just me and my boys (all three of them when time allows :)


  1. Enjoy your time! It looks like you are making the most of every moment.

  2. That's a lot of fun on the cheap! I think we're going to Capron Zoo on Sat for a couple hours. I wanna check out that splash pad too!

  3. splash pad?!! Who, what, where?!!

  4. Hey, I want to come over and play at your place! :) You guys have way too much fun and that light bright was AWESOME!

  5. Goodness! You've had a really busy summer! Looks like loads of fun, too. WHEN do you find time to sew?


  6. sounds like you're staying busy! and congrats on the new job !!!

  7. Wow. We need to come play with you guys! I have hit the point of the summer where all our scheduled activities are done and now I have to figure out what we want to do for fun!

  8. Sounds like you are making every day count! Our countdown to when my husband goes back to school is almost finished. :(

  9. Same thing for us...I say squeeze it all in!!! ;)

  10. Have spent some time today reading some of my favorite blogs. So good to see your new design and how you are enjoying the summer. I hope to be blogging more, I miss it. Kudos to you for keeping yours going and sharing your life. Great photos in this post!

  11. I just dread the countdown to school! And it doesn't help when we start on Sept. 1 with a week of training before that. Ugh. Looks like you're making the most of it!


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