Mommy @....

...384 Months....

What? You don't want to read about what I have learned to do...what I've accomplished in the past 384 months? (I would have to recap all the milestones since I've never done one for me before)

Ok....that's fine....my milestones aren't so easily tracked anymore - plus my most important ones aren't even mine....

What I've done this month:
  • Tommy pooped on the potty - its only been once, but it is a big step for him!!
  • Jack is finally starting to talk - more than just Elmo and Spongebob!!!
  • I've got a new job (start end of August...literally....the 31st)
  • I've sewn a ton and upgraded to a new fancy machine
  • Sold a lot of my junk, and managed to part with the really cute (I remember when he wore this...) clothes that Tommy and Jack once wore
  • Fed myself with a fork (ok...so I've been doing this for a while.....)
  • Annoyed my husband ;) (as in, just now, as I am writing this :)
  • won a really really cool prize from one of my fave blogs (I'll post more about that later)
  • I still need to get myself on a better bedtime routine, but really what mommy doesn't?!
So that's basically it, that is where I am at 384 months...

I will be honest with you - I wasn't going to post a happy birthday me post...its normally not my style. I'm usually not the one to go around telling people that its my birthday...now that I have kids, it seems even less important - their birthdays are the special ones ;o)

I have no big plans this year...day two of our yard sale and that's about it. Maybe buy myself some new thread next week (its on sale buy one get one free and I love colorful thread almsot as much as I love fabric :)

Mommy @ 360 Months..
.pretty much looks the same,
just shorter hair at the moment :)

The only thing I am going to ask for (other than the ice cream I already got) is one of my favorite things....something many of my fellow bloggers totally understand...COMMENTS!!! Please....let me feel the love today (I've been a bit lonely lately IRL and otherwise) I would love some comment love for my birthday!!!

Oh....and if you are wondering....this day in history:

August 16, 1977 Elvis Aaron Presley was found dead in his bathroom in Graceland...just in case you wanted to know.


  1. happy happy birthday, Liz! Congrats on using a fork to feed yourself! ;) Isn't it funny how the older we get (or maybe it's just b/c we have children) the less important our own birthdays become? I never thought that would happen to me...but it does! Enjoy your ice cream, and your new thread!!! You are special to a LOT of people, don't ever forget that part! :)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ!!!! I have something for you too! A small birthday present, but I think you'll like it just the same! Good luck on day 2 of your garage sale! I just had the realization that it is the middle of August and the open market is just around the corner! I'd better get busy. I'm not waiting till the last minute this time!

  3. Yay! Happy Birthday Liz! Congrats on using a fork, lol. Hilarious!

  4. Happy Birthday! So glad we have met eachother via blogland!

    And don't knock the "using a fork" skill... I'm still trying to convince Itty Bit to use one regularly!

  5. Happy birthday, Liz! You're such a sweet person...may the next 360 months be your best, ever! ;-)

    P.S. Hooray for pooping in the potty,Tommy!

  6. Happy Birthday Liz! Today is also my brothers birthday and my FIL's. A very popular day to be born.
    you are beautiful in that color. Your eyes just pop.
    Hope your day was great!

  7. Happy Birthday to You!!!!!
    Hope you enjoyed your ice cream! :)

  8. Happiest of birthdays to you! Hope your day was a wonderful one!

  9. I won't be cruel by not posting a HB comment to you.


    OK, so I didn't really YELL that because it's after 11 here and the kids are all blissfully asleep, but I heard myself yell it in my head. Kay? Kay.

    I'm gonna whisper yell it..ready?

    Happy Birthday Liz!


  10. Why are you lonely? Come and visit us in the a/c!

    Happy (belated) birthday! I know what you mean - my birthdays have not been anything spectacular the past couple of years. I guess it's just supposed to be that way!?


  11. Happy belated birthday again :)

    (I get on FB much more these days than blogs for the quick updates).

    And I have to say, I loved your theme for this post!


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