Museuming on the Cheap

Our local children's museum (Providence Children's Museum) on occaisional Fridays has a free "family fun night" from 5 until closing (8 I think) there is no admission and some fun little activities.

2 Friday's ago I checked the website and found out that we were lucky enough to catch a free day. Daddy was home from work (1 week fulough week) so we met up with PopPop (my Dad) to grab the boys from him a little early, packed some pb&j, crackers, apples, and juice, went to the park for a quick and early dinner, and then had a fun evening at the museum.

I can't get over what a fun environment this is for the boys - and for us. There are so many activites for them to try out - everything is so hands on. We were all exhausted and happy by the time we got home - another fun activity we plan to frequent (whenever we can catch it that is).

saying bye to PopPop

Swinging away

Yummy PB&J

watching the boats go by

Checking out the construction site

You try to convince a 2 year old that this rotary thing is a phone!!

Tommy decided to make Mommy dinner (what a nice treat!!)

Jack enjoyed the corn, while Mommy patiently waited for her food too.

Not big fans of the giant puppet chair

Building and flying their "hoop gliders" what a fun and easy project

The water tables are always a favorite

Making noise/music outside

Taking a quick rest before we head home - a great day at the museum!!