Not Me Is Back Baby!!

In a world of indeniable perfection - I'm working hard to be sure to only add to the amazing unfailing flawlessness of it all....

...or maybe I'm not....

It has not been ages since I've done a not me - and I am not simply doing one because I am cranky and hiding from my boys!! I have not decided that they are better off hearing me type from the living room than hearing me huff and puff in front of them ;)

I am not seriously considering simply having ice cream for lunch today - nope I eat healthier than that - so healthy that I would never have shared a package of chocolate frosted chocolate pop tarts with my boys for breakfast this morning....not this health nut!!

I am not all mopey and cranky today - it has nothing to do with the fact that I had the most uneventful unremembered birthday ever yesterday. I am 32 I don't need big birthday anything...nope not me....I mean - I DID get a card from my insurance agent, what more do I need?!

I did not just spend two days in the hot sun, sitting on my friends lawn, surrounded by piles of our crap!! If I did I would certainly be planning to use the money we made from our scorcher of a yard sale for responsible things and not thinking of simply going to the air conditioned mall today to blow all our money on clothes!!

I am not both excited and disappointed about my upcoming job...it should be a great job, but I love being home...

I am not planning to work my butt off sewing this week - I am not in the least bit terrified that once I finally go back to work I won't be able to sew a stitch....nope...not me...

I was not sad that I lost another follower last week....I am not still trying to figure out why my mood at times can be effected by the number of followers/comments I get. Isn't this blog for me? Won't it be the same regardless of the audience? Is it the audience that I crave and that makes it so much fun? What do you think?

I have not skipped almost a month of posting my lists...I am not planning to jump back into my lists this week....I miss my lists...I need my lists....

Well that is all I have in me today....time to go make lunch for the boys and hubby (ice cream anyone?) Happy(-ish) Monday all!!!

Updated: I totally forgot...

My friend and I were not totally caught off guard by the transgendered (or maybe transvestite) individual who visited out yardsale....with her (?) daughter. I am open...your life is your life....I was just totally unprepared. I do have to say she had a very cute little jean skirt on and I am a HUGE little jean skirt fan. (Oh and her boobs were so much more perky than mine - but it totally doesn't count when you stuff....I think...)


  1. Liz, you make me laugh. Don't worry - ice cream has been my lunch on one too many occasions lately. I say I am big and pregnant though - I have an excuse. LOL (Wrong!)

    I hope you enjoy your new job when you start back. Keep me posted!


    Ps. You don't have air conditioning in your house? I would DIE!

  2. Sorry I wasn't able to give you your present before your birthday. I should have just mailed the card, but I suck like that!! Cheer up Charlie and try not to melt today! It is too freakin hot out there right now!

  3. This made me laugh out loud! You are so funny!

    I think you should be able to spend that yard sale money on clothes! That sounds like a good idea to me...NOT because I love to shop, though! LOL

  4. Had to laugh - Mr. Daddy just got his birthday card from the insurance agent too :)

    Ice cream sounds delish for lunch!

    And please don't stop sewing - we are all still drooling over your bags! :)

  5. I really like your thinking...ice cream for lunch and spending all that money on clothes! Happy belated birthday! Hope you cheer up soon! :)

  6. Uh, Ice Cream for Lunch? That sounds pretty good to me!!! ;)

  7. You are special...I didn't get a birthday card in July from my insurance agent. So not fair. I have had worse things for lunch. Atleast you were getting your dairy and if it had nuts a little protien. See healthy choice:)

  8. You need to come on over and read my post "My Uniquely Perfect Birthday." I know exactly how you feel! I've learned it is so much more fun to plan my birthday than let my crew of guys do it!

    I hope your day gets better! I think the seven dwarves were all named after the idiosyncracies of mommyhood--except we don't look like dwarves!

  9. Found you over at MckMama's. Love your blog design. Very cute! your kiddos are adorable =)


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