A Perfect Pick-Me-Up

I left the house to get the boys and I was in a bad mood, I was in a "my-husband-slept-too- late-got-nothing-done, still-adjusting-to-my-new-birth-control-pill" mood!!!

I called my husband from the road and let him know not to expect us too soon - had my Dad bring the boys to the playground.

In my grumpy mind I figured at least if they run around the playground they won't bother me (yes I thought that).

Little did I know that I would actually get exactly what I needed.

The boys did not leave me alone as I hoped planned.

Instead they ran and giggled, laughed with me at the carousel, played on the playground, swung and slid.

And then when we were sufficiently tired, happy, and sweaty, they sat with me in the shade on a hill and shared frozen lemonade and silliness.

Just when I thought I wanted to grumpy....

Thank you boys!!!

{oh if you are wondering, when Tommy plays at the playground he moves far too fast for Mommy's camera!!}


  1. Thats a real nice day, Liz!! Look at his cheeks...he was playing hard!


  2. What a fun day! Your boys have the prettiest eyes. So glad it turned out better than you thought:)

  3. Kids have a way of lifting our spirits. What a fun day!

    I got a chuckle out of the expression on Jack's face while he was in the swing. LOL You have such cute boys!

    Have a great week...

  4. I'm glad it turned out better than you expected! Your boys have such pretty blue eyes!!

  5. I miss the romper stage. I loved those outfits! Glad to see they got you outta your funk. That happened to me this weekend in Montreal. I was funkified from Natey being, oh you know, 2! Then he did something that made me and Aaron die laughing and I remembered what i should have been focusing on. New England Lemonade doesn't hurt either!


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