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Did you see our fantastic trip to get blueberris and peaches? Really it was a great outing!!

Go check out my friend Jill's makeover blog - she does really really cute blog design and she is giving away a free design to one winner!! Go check her out (or don't...cuz I really want to win it!! *wink*

So I have jumped on The Shred bandwagon - and I am loving it!!! The lovely ladies at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, and the beautiful Elyse have gave this work out great reviews.

I am on day 4 and so far it is great!! Yes, I am sore (a little) but I know it will get better, and I know it is working. Its 30 days to see results - and I don't doubt that I will see results. Now I am not usually one to do a workout video - I usually hate the overly sweet and sugar instructors and the awkward moves. There is nothing sugary about this video. Jillian Michaels does not sugar coat anything!!! And the moves are wonderful - nothing crazy and awkward, nothing you have never seen before. I am hoping to track my progress on here every week - I hope that keeps me accountable and keeps me shredding!!


Tommy is hilarious these days....his imagination is growing by leaps and bounds...while driving by the fire station, when all the station doors were closed, he began to discuss where the trucks may be - perhaps they are asleep, or visiting family....

And that man - the one we saw walking...maybe he is going to work, or maybe he is going home. he might be on his way to see family, maybe his Nana and Pappa...

These are all the little stories that my boy crafts - I love to hear him postulate...


Jack is coming into his own.
His personality is really becoming clear -
he loves to make us laugh and smile
he loves to do anything that his older brother does
he is quick to smile or giggle or make a silly face

Sadly we think Jack may be on his way to super model-dom....
and not just due to his incredibly gorgeous locks

This little guy has already started his dieting. A couple bites of food and the plate has been pushed away. Or, his favorite, chew, savor mildly, then spit out delicately...into mommy's hand of course.

{in all actuality we really are mildly concerned about this behavior. His next well visit is Sept 10th and we are very curious to know how he is growing, he doesn't like to eat...much or often these days}


The highlight of our week these days - at least for the boys - is early Wednesday morning {too early for mom and dad} when the trash truck comes rumbling down our street {rather loudly} Tommy and Jack, if they are still in bed, will stand in Jacks crib and look out the window, both excitedly calling out "trash truck, trash truck", ah my boys and their elegant infatuations.

{oh and add trash truck to the list of things Jack said before Mommy or Daddy (which he finally does say) a list that includes Elmo and Spongebob as I think I have mentioned before}


On Potty Training: Tommy is doing well. He will {mostly} stay dry all day in underwear. The only time he has accidents are if we let him zone in front of a movie and forget to make him go or if he is in the car and we don't make him go right before leaving. I am very happy with how well he is doing.

Our only speed bump right now is pooping in the potty. We all know when he needs to poop, but he DOES NOT want to do it in the toilet!!! He screams as if you are trying to hurt him if we sit him on the potty to poop. He will also do everything he can to either hide and do it in his underwear or wait until he has a diaper on for bed. We have tried every bribe/reward we can think of....

Ah well....we will get there....


Well I think I have rambled on long enough for this Friday morning....its time to get the hubby up (it is 10am after all!!)

Have a lovely weekend!!


  1. I like your rambling, you write well. Good luck with the potty training.

  2. I too love the shred. Great stuff. Isn't it funny how the trash truck is so exciting to them. although I like it too because we always have tons of trash to get rid of. LOL
    Good luck on the potty training.

  3. Girl, WHERE did you find the Shred DVD? I can't find it around here anywhere! I've been looking for weeks! I'd like to do it, too.

    I enjoy hearing about Tommy and Jack...as I've told you before, they remind me of my two boys when they were little! I miss those days...well, except for the toilet training part! LOL Good luck with that.

    Oh, and I had to pull out the dictionary and look up postulate...we don't use big words like that 'round here in these parts! ;-)

    Have a great weekend...

  4. Good attitude on the poopy part. I think I tried to push it too much (no pun intended!) with my first and that was a mistake. For some reason doing #2 on the pot is a BIG deal for some kids...

    And great job on the Shred. I'm going to have to look into that after the baby is born.

  5. Our family of four creates so much dern trash in one week it's redicilous! Good luck with the potty training. Brea wasn't too bad because I had her care taker helping me while I was at work.. Thank god! Totally went to Wal-Mart on my lunch break and FAILED to get the shred! Where is my brain? Oh, that's right.. On food! Duh! That's why I need the shred in the first place! LOL

  6. Over the past 12 years I have had MANY boys in my care SCREAM bloody murder when it comes time to use the potty for #2. The only thing that helped was consistency and time. Sorry I don't have a secret trick! Keep at it! And thanks for all the funny updates! The boys are growing too fast!

  7. We've gone back and forth with Yaya and potty training. Amazingly enough the pooping was not the problem. It's the wetting. She'll tell us when she has to poop but until this past week refused to tell us when she had to "tinkle." Today is the 4th day wearing big girl panties. She loves them! Don't give up! He'll come around. Does he have constipation? Maybe that's why he's afraid of the toilet and needs to hide in a corner. Just a thought.

  8. Way to go on the Shred! I'm loving it, too. :)
    Thanks so much for posting about my giveaway. I REALLY appreciate it!

  9. I enjoy hearing about Tommy and Jack...as I've told you before, they remind me of my two boys when they were little!

    Work From Home

  10. I am glad everyone is trying out these workout videos, so I know which one is the best come baby delivery. I am determined to start 6 weeks post pardum. Nate is obsessed with the garbae truck too. He always asks me where they go, or where the guy on the motorcycle is going. It is funny to hear them make up things.


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