Recycled: I must Admit

As I am currently unplugged - please enjoy this oldie but goodie...
it has a good beat and you can dance to it!!

Orignially posted: 2/25/2009


I must admit I made pancakes for dinner tonight...I am lazy....the frozen meatloaf was...well...still frozen...so I made pankcakes.

I made pancakes for dinner tonight - Dan's were plain, he has hockey...nothing fancy for dinner for him
I made pancakes for dinner tonight - the boys' were made with bananas (added to the plain batter I used for Dan)

I made pancakes for dinner tonight - this is what I put in mine - this is what happens when the boys leave the room to eat while mommy is still cooking
I must admit I made pancakes for dinner tonight and they were fabulous!!


I must admit my house is a pit
....no one believes me
... at least not those who haven't seen my home
Really its a scary home right now....
Want proof...I have lost my iron.
Yes...my iron...
That wonderful little appliance
This tool that makes my clothes look like new
That hides the fact they might have been pulled from the hamper
(no....I don't do that...)
Yup...lost my iron....who loses an iron
How do you misplace an appliance
Well I did it....
I've lost it
(that's not all I've lost)
So if I look wrinkled tomorrow...please excuse...

I must admit I have cookies in the oven
They are almost done
I have a glass of milk
It is half full
I can't wait to drink it....
so please enjoy my writing assignment,
while I enjoy my baked treat,
and have a lovely evening


Our weekly writing assignment from our lovely Mama Kat. I chose the prompt:

- Write a 26-line poem using all the letters of the alphabet, where the first line starts with the letter "A," the second "B," the third "C," etc., culminating with the final line starting with "Z."

I thought it would be a fun challenge....hope you like it.

A Mommy says, to her
Baby boy “precious
Child, you are my heart
Dear sweet boy
Each day you’re here
Fills my life with joy.”

Grinning wide
He grabs her hand
“I love you mommy”
Joyfully they walk
Killing time
Loving life.


Mommy says, to her
Newborn babe
“Oh sweet angel my soul, my
Pride. In my arms please stay”
Quietly they sit and
Sun shining
Through the window

Up to her husband
Very softly speaks
“We have a beautiful life
‘Xactly as we are. In our crazy
Young hectic
Zoo called home.”


  1. It is always good to reread things. YOu are such an awesome writer. Loved the poem and the whole post.

  2. I am totally making pancakes for dinner tonight! WOOT!


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