I can easily say I've been un-glued (maybe I still am)

In times of boredom I have felt un-inspired

On laundry day I've run out of un-derwear {sorry was that cheesy?}

Well now it is time for me to come un-plugged.

Uninspired is actually how I have felt of late. My motivation has been lacking - my drive nill. I sat at home, alone, for two whole days and accomplished exactly nothing. This is not me - I am not a do nothing sort of gal (and yet at the same time I am).

The other night I was re-reading some of my past posts - I loved many of them. I wrote because I was driven to - something inspired me. The funny thing was - these were often written when time was at a premium to me, when I was working 40+ hours a week, caring for my young boys, and traveling more than I would have liked to. I think my current state of sedentary has sunk in a bit too much. (now don't get me wrong - being a SAHM is anything but easy, or sedentary but that is where I took it....not good).

In three short days I return to my life as a working mother....and while I have cherished these 3 months being home with my boys, and while I have enjoyed my summer more thoroughly than I thought I could, I am ready for this return. I am ready for this challenge, I am a mother who is meant to be a working mother - it is who I am.

In three short days our lives will go through another major adjustment. This means I have 2 short days to get a lot done, and get things ready.

{sorry this is getting long....are you still with me?}

I don't want to neglect my blog, but I now realize that I need to unplug for a little while. I am not sure to what extent (I will NOT neglect my FB farm :), but for a short bit I will be stepping back.

I don't want to neglect my blog {yes I already said that} so I am going to repost some of my favorites from the past - some of the posts that I really felt inspired to write - the posts that inspire me when I read them.

Miss me....Love me.....and please don't go away while I am gone.....because I promise I'll be back. {and maybe I'll bring baked goods ;) }


  1. Good luck with the transition!

  2. Back to work. Good luck. Let's get a girl's night on the books! Soon.

  3. I will definitely miss you! But I totally understand. Drop by my blog from time to time, whenever you can.


  4. Good luck getting back into work! I'll look forward to seeing some of your older posts!


  5. I don't have to miss you too much since I get to see you! Good luck getting everything in order for work to start!!


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