Autumn in New England

I love living in RI...I think honestly I would be happy just about anywhere in New England...but I do love my little state.  I don't know what its like in other parts of the country, but I can't imagine that there could be anything as wonderful as the Fall in New England.  The air is cool, crisp and electric - its bright but still perfect sweater weather.

The night air is nothing short of refreshing - opening the windows and bundling up together, having a fire outside or in the wood stove.  Hot apple cider, and piles of baked goods.

I feel like today it has officially started.  The trees are starting to show off their best colors, and there are just enough leaves on the ground to give a pleasent crunch, but not so many that we feel the need to rake (yet).


We started bright and early this morning with a trip to the farmers market for bags full of fresh fruit and veggies (and a brownie for Tommy and Jack) and then went across the street to wander the old cemetary - read names and dates, and just let the boys enjoy the beautiful day.

What's in the bag Mommy?

yummy yummy apples!!

Where'd he go?

It took us 2 tries, but I'm happy :)

My baby boy and I


  1. Wow! What a beautiful day! I live Indiana and we're just starting to get some color in the leaves and some crisp cool air...love it!

  2. It does look like fall. So pretty. Love the boys sweaters.

  3. I can hardly wait for fall...it's been warm here, but we've had LOTS of rain over the past couple of days. I'm hoping that cooler temps will follow!

    I would love to experience fall in the New England states. Your description of RI sounds wonderful!

    Your pics are great...I especially like the ones of you with the boys. They are precious!

  4. i live in new bedford, so i feel ya on the great fall season we have, i live right on the water and its wonderful!

  5. You know I'm loving those cemetery photos! One of my favorite places to photograph. You did a great job!

    I grew up in CA and lived there most of my life. I also lived in Utah for 5+ years and there is some beauty there in the fall, but absolutely nothing compares to fall in New England. I just love it and I never want to leave this place.

  6. Um...can I move and come live up north too?! LOVE your new blog look! SO JEALOUS that you guys have turning leaves and long sleeves!

  7. Great pictures. I just love fall!

  8. Still not ready for fall, but I didn enjoy it Friday night when I sat bundled on my couch with the window open watching my DVR'd shows! I should just give in and accept that fall is here. Sigh. I like the new look of the blog too!

  9. I love the new blog look! Cute fall pictures. We don't get big changes like you all do. It must be so neat to experience.

  10. I LOVE the New England states and would be happy living there if I didn't love all year round warm weather.

    Anyhoo, guess what??????? Come on over....

  11. I so want to make it to New England for a fall colors trip one year! The boys look so handsome in their sweaters :)

  12. It's weird for me to comprehend that it is fullblown fall where you are! We're normally still wearing tank tops and flip flops right now, though we have had a few weeks of cooler weather. Definitely not sweater weather, though we were able to bust out the blue jeans one day last week. :)

  13. Came over from Stephs Cafe to congrat you on your win! Congrats!!!


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