A Little State With A Lot Of Moxie

An exhausted, happy, and well traveled Mona made her way into RI on the last leg of her journey around the US!! (to see where else she is today and where she has been be sure to check out the lovely Moxie Media Girls!!)

After a little getting to know you time with the boys, I decided that I wanted to show Mona the bits of RI that you won't see in any Frommer's book (oh and if you aren't in the know...no we are not that little island off of New York city....and yes I have been asked this a few too many times).  We may be a tiny state with a big name (Rhode Island and Providence Plantations), but I promise you we have a lot to offer (besides just Newport).

I love my little state.  I love the sweet little towns with old churches and old cemetaries.



Lovely old church and cemetery.  The bell is a replica of the original bell that was destroyed.  (Scituate, RI)

I love that on almost every corner next to these churches you can find a Dunkin Donuts (you will never hunt for coffee in RI).  Mona relaxed with a nice ice coffee - getting ready for all of the excitement that was in her future.

Of course Mona was asked to lend her hand at the Open Market - she held up the sign on the rainiest of days

We rewarded her hard work with a yummy lemonade...

...and of course some bunny ears!!

Then it was off with the boys and I...

Of course we took Mona to pick blueberries and peaches at Harmony Farms in Harmony RI

And she was thrilled when we found that 4-town farm had pick your own flowers....look at the beautiful arrangement she helped me with!!!

 Of course we had to take Mona out to play as well...

The Crescent Park Carousel is a wonderful RI landmark, and in walking distance of my MIL's house. 

She had no doubt she was safe in Tommy's arms, even if she was a little squished.

And Jack held her tight while Tommy pushed them around the park

 We enjoyed the view from the park - it was a gorgeous day to be on the bay (Riverside, RI)

After some honey sticks for a boost of energy we were off again

 Off to Roger Williams Park/zoo.  We skipped the zoo, but made sure Mona met Mr Potato head at the playground, played on the slides and swings, and of course enjoyed more lemonade with Jack.

 So Mona, I hope you had a wonderful trip.  You are welcome back anytime...I would love to show you the lovely colors of fall (that are just now starting to appear) and let you try out some fun warm and homey baking in the winter months, maybe even a fire or two in our woodstove (don't worry we would keep you at a safe distance). 

And now, Mona, you know, my family is a family on the go - and my boys are constant motion, and we love every moment of our lives (well except the tantrums and tears of course)


  1. I LOVE RI. We used to go there all the time when we lived in MA. I adore that there are Dunkin Donuts everywhere. Their blueberry cake donuts still call my name. And the blueberry and peach picking looks so wonderful!

  2. How cool that you and Kameron got her. I think she may want to move to RI after all the fun she had between the two of you. So glad you let her try the DD iced coffee. My favorite. YUM! & did I read that right? On almost every corner a DD? I need to move to RI!

  3. What lovely sites in RI! How funny that you mention that there are DDs on every corner....because I just had to look up where the nearest one to me was. I'm heading there to spend a gift card today, and can you believe I've never been to one here in the 11 years I've lived in MD??

  4. There was bound to be a little overlap, this being such a small state and all! People probably think that all there is here are carousels and fams! Ha! I think we both showed her a good time! I was going to post the pic with the 2 Ginger women and do an evil twin spin, but I was way too tired at that point to be clever!

  5. What an awesome trip! I think Mona has a future in floral design for sure!

  6. OH that's funny. I was about to say "hey, you and Kameron did a lot of the same things" but she beat me to it. And it was all fun!!!! I'd love RI!!!! NOT Wrong Island or Long Island. :)

  7. What a fun post! I wonder what the original Wonder Woman thinks of Mona. I want to come to your place and do all those fun things.


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