Our New Normal

I can officially say I am once again a working mom. I am no longer displaced, unemployed, or a temporary SAHM. It has been an interesting transition for us to make.

We are {surprisingly} quickly falling into a new routine. I didn't realize how much I missed routine. At my previous job, there was no routine - some days there was no work, some days it was non-stop, there were weeks where I struggled to hit 30 hours, others where I struggled not to hit 60. There was no constant in our life, at least not as far as I was concerned....and then....I lost my job....

And things got even less routine. I have to say I struggled - hard - with finding a routine that would work for us. There was a lot of excess sleeping {on my part} and a few too many nothing but pajama days. It felt like every time we started getting into a routine, something else would happen that would muddle things up....

So now, here I am - 4 months after having lost my job, 4 months of being a SAHM {a messy one at that} - 4 months, and I am once again a working mom.

So far {as in these past 4 days} we have found a routine that works for us. So far {as in these past 4 days} our schedule has been {because I know you are dying for the play-by-play}

6:00: Mommy & Daddy get up and get dressed {proud to say I can still do my hair in under 10 minutes}

6:30: Get the boys up and ready for the day

7:00: Mass exodus either Daddy takes boys to work to meet up with PopPop or Mommy takes boys to daycare

4:30: Daddy and boys get home {regardless of who drops them off Daddy picks them up} and Daddy gets dinner started

6:00: Mommy walks in the door, greeted to a hot cooked meal, and her three favorite boys sitting down eating {finishing} dinner

6:30: Mommy and Daddy do dishes, laundry, and other little daily chores and take turns playing with the boys

8:30: Boys are tucked in {and sometimes they even stay in their own beds...although not usually}

10:30: {although usually closer to 11} Mommy and Daddy, ready for bed and ready to get up the next morning and start all over again.

So that's it...funny thing is - now that I am back at work, the dishes are getting done daily, laundry is getting done daily {even being put away!!} Our house is actually cleaner, and we are watching a lot less TV. I didn't realize how badly we had been missing our routine {or any routine really}...I am so glad that things are working out so well right now. Our only complaint is that I get home a little on the late side (my hours are strict at 8:30 - 5).

{oh and if you are wondering the job is...well...a job. I don't hate it...we'll just see what happens...}
If you have made it through all that....whew.....that was a read wasn't it.

I am hoping to find some time to squeeze in a little more blogging. I have been reading when I can - but I just haven't had the time to comment as much as I would like.

In addition to my return to work this month - Kameron and I are also preparing for our first Saturday at the Providence Open Market on the 12th, so I also have a TON of sewing that I still would like to get done!!

That said - it is getting late, I need to find clothes for the boys and I for tomorrow, and something for me for lunch. Hopefully I will see you all a little more, at least at some point this weekend!!


  1. Glad to hear from you. Have a great friday and a wonderful holiday weekend. HOpe you get lots of sewing done.

  2. Glad your new normal is going so well. I miss routine! I find that the less time you really do have, the more you make happen in that time.

  3. I thrive on our schedule! It has been getting a little thrown off lately and my house is in chaos! Hopefuly things calm down and I too can get all the sewing I need to done by next Sat! Argh!

  4. Whew! What a schedule!
    I know what you mean about liking a routine. My kids seem to do better when we stick to the same schedule every day. I love it, too.

  5. I need routine - that's why I like school so much! I'm glad you're having an easy transition. Hope you can find enjoyment in your job, somehow.

  6. Glad you've found a routine that works for you, it can really make a difference!


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