Recycled: There is This Boy

Once again as I unplug, I recycle
I was told to go green!!

Originally Posted January 6, 209


He is short and sweet
And a little too much like his mommy.

With energy to spare, he tries to concur the world
(or at least his little part of it).

He is quick to learn, wants to learn.
He gets mad, he shouts:
"I can't do it!!"
Then tries again and finds a way.

He will gladly fill you in on his day, on his surroundings;
He will let you know what he sees, what he thinks,
From the moment he wakes up to the moment he sleeps.

But don't ask him to sleep, He doesn't want to,
There is just too much to do,
He is just "too busy"

He fills our house with laughter
Ever ready to smile, to giggle, to tickle;
Always wanting you to join in the fun.

And he is quick to love.

"I love you very much, Mommy"
He whispered while sitting next to me on the couch
He called from the back seat this morning

"I love you too, Baby"
I reply, I will always reply.

There is this boy
He has stolen my heart.


  1. He is seriously the cutest little boy ever! :)

  2. I remember this post...love it! He is so sweet and looks soooo snuggly in his pj's!


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