Soggy Bottom Mamma

The much anticipated start to the Fall season of the Providence Open Market. It was my Saturday on, but thankfully Kameron was there to help set up and hang out for a good part of the morning. {more importantly she brought me coffee!!! THANKS KAMERON!!}

An early morning scheduled arrival time, following a crazy week for these two Mammas. {We were tired.}

And of course torrential rain the entire morning. {We were wet}

By the end of the day I was cold, tired and freezing. {thank you Jack and Daddy for bringing me dry shoes and my sweatshirt – I would have been even worse if you hadn’t!!}

Jack Modeling one of the belts Mommy made

The rainy day at the open air market not only doused our plans of a high traffic well worth it weekend, it also dampened spirits and helped seal tight wallets {I swear if you are going to rave on and on about how cute something is and how sweet it would look on your child/grandchild then just buy the darn thing!!}

Suffice it to say it was a disappointing start. But we managed ok – broke even at least. {I found out that this was more than some of our neighbors did that day}

But on the plus side at least we don’t have to bust our butts this week rebuilding our stock – we still have plenty. And now we can focus on some of the cute new projects we wanted to bring with us but didn’t have time. {stay tuned - pictures of my new styled kids aprons are forth coming and I promise they are soooo cute!!}

I wish I had more pictures to share, but the weather was so icky that I just wasn't feeling very photographer-ish.


  1. Sorry to hear the day was so wet. Sounds like it may have been a good day just to break you in slowly. Looking forward to hearing how you do next time. Congratulations on breaking even that's awesome in itself for a bad weather day. Hugs.

  2. I'm looking forward to this Saturday and pray that it is gorgeously sunny out!! Thanks for sticking it out in the cold rainy mess.

  3. Too bad that you were rained out cause your set up looked really good. Better luck next time!

  4. Sorry about the soggy-ness....oh man, the up side is that you can chillaxe this week...SUNNY thoughts and wide open wallets coming your way!!!

  5. Atleast you had tarps to cover you and that you did break even. I hope that you have nothing but sunny skies & lots of traffic at your booth!

  6. Oh, I wish I could've come! I love going to market days like that!!! They're so fun. Course I always spend way too much money.

    Glad you enjoyed the HTML tips yesterday. Nope, I didn't know you could use the "S" instead of "STRIKE". So see, you taught me something new too!


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